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IgEImmunoglobulin E
IgEInstitut für Geistiges Eigentum (German: Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property)
IgEInstitute for Global Ethics
IgEInternational Gold Exploration (now IGE Resources; Sweden)
IgEIn Game Editor
IgEInstituto Galego de Estatística (Spanish: Statistics Institute of Galicia)
IgEIdiopathic Generalized Epilepsy
IgEIn Ground Effect (aerodynamics)
IgEInstitute of Economic Geology (est. 2011; Spain)
IgEIntergenerational Equity (climate change)
IgEIndependent Government Estimate
IgEIstanbul Gold Exchange (est. 1995; Turkey)
IgEInstitute of Gas Engineers
IgEInstitute for Global Education (Grand Rapids, MI)
IgEInstitute of Global Education (consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council)
IgEInternet Gaming Entertainment, Ltd
IgEInterdisciplinary General Education
IgEIntergovernmental Group of Experts
IgEInduced Gamma Emission
IgEInstituto Geográfico do Exército (Portugal)
IgEInteroperability for GIScience (education)
IgEInteractive Gaming Environment (Seventh Kingdom)
IgEInternational Guiding Eyes
IgEIntercontinental Glass Exchange
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The announcement had it that the Osun State House of Assembly members, led by the acting Speaker, Honourable Adegboye Akintunde, held a meeting with Mr Ige where all issues were resolved.
A significant increase in peanut IgE over time was observed (P less than .
Immunological assessment of individuals with STAT3 GoF mutations identified total serum IgE below the lower reference limit of age-matched controls in all 6 cases, (<2 kU/L, range 0.
Clinical history of allergic reactions after honeybee stings, and positive result of skin prick test, or serum specific IgE (sIgE) to honeybee venom present diagnosis.
Only patients who underwent both total IgE assay and specific allergen detection were included.
Reactions that do not involve IgE are often referred to as intolerances, but children may actually be suffering a different type of allergic reaction that can still be extremely serious,' she added.
Commins and others have shown that individuals with serum IgE antibodies to alpha-gal also typically have serum IgE antibodies to cat, dog, beef, and pork, but not to egg, peanut, chicken, fish, or house dust mite.
According to the company, XmAb7195 targets IgE with its variable domain, and uses Xencor's XmAb immune inhibitor Fc domain to target Fc?
En una de las etnias africanas estudiadas, hay mayores niveles que en otra de IgE total y anti-Plasmodium, IgG total y subclases Gl-3; los niveles elevados de IgE total se asociaron a la presencia de alguna infeccion; cuando los niveles de IgG4 se elevaron, el numero de clones de Plasmodium se redujo en las personas infectadas; hay correlacion positiva entre los niveles elevados de IgG total e lgG3 y la esplenomegalia en las personas de esa misma etnia, pero no en la otra.
The researchers concluded that this demonstrated GTE, or its catechin EGCG, suppressed in vitro allergen and non-allergen specific IgE production in allergic asthmatics, further suggesting that GTE or EGCG has immunoregulatory effects on human IgE responses.
It would be an incredible intervention if you could rapidly disconnect IgE antibodies in the midst of an acute allergic response," said Ted Jardetzky, PhD, professor of structural biology and senior investigator for the study.
Our aim was to detect if there has been any changes in IgE levels in a small population of Turkish patients with migraine during attacks and between attacks, and thus to determine if IgE-mediated hypersensitivity and allergic background are important factors in the etiology of migraine.