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IGRAInterferon Gamma Release Assay (blood test)
IGRAInternational Gay Rodeo Association (Denver, CO)
IGRAIndian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (US)
IGRAInternational Green Roof Association (Berlin-Pankow, Germany)
IGRAIntegrated Global Radiosonde Archive (US NOAA)
IGRAIcaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman (Attorneys-at-Law, Panama City)
IGRAInternational Guitar Research Archive
IGRAInstitute of Greek and Roman Antiquity (Athens, Greece)
IGRAIowa Good Roads Association (Des Moines, Iowa)
IGRAIndependent Gospel Rap Alliance
IGRAInternational Geopolitics Reporters Association (est. 1990)
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3],[4] However, a recent study conducted in Poland did not show that a combination of IGRA and TST might be a step forward in the diagnosis of culture-negative TB cases.
For children younger than 5 years, TST is the preferred option, although IGRA is acceptable in children older than 3 years of age.
A TST is an acceptable alternative, particularly if an IGRA is not available, is too costly, or is too burdensome.
While the Canadian guidelines recommend using TST, the American and the British guidelines recommend using either TST or IGRA test, but not both together.
16-19 In some of the studies LTBI is diagnosed based on both a positive IGRA and TST, whereas in others, either one of these tests can be positive for diagnosis.
Despite the importance of the detection and treatment of LTBI to control TB in developing countries, few studies have evaluated the performance of IGRA testing in HIV-infected patients in countries with high TB incidence.
Examples of publications discussing such type of shock tube experiment are the work of Igra and Takayama [1], Suzuki et al.
It remains uncertain how to manage RA patients with a negative initial screening for TST or IGRA on chronic biologic therapy.
Livadary didn't originally plan on making a film about the IGRA.
IGRA was ultimately passed in 1988 with a provision that did require tribal and state governments to negotiate a compact for American Indian tribes to offer Las Vegas-style slot machines and house-banked card games in tribal gaming facilities (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, 1988).