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IJOInternational Journal of Obesity
IJOIndependent Jewelers Organization
IJOInternational Journal of Oncology
IJOIndividual Job Order
IJOInternet Journal of Ophthalmology
IJOInternational Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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The IJO currently focuses on articles relating to osteological analysis of archaeological material.
Minutes after the blast, a phone call was made to a news office by Mughniyeh's IJO, taking responsibility for the attack: This is part of the Iranian revolution's campaign against imperialist targets throughout the world.
The article finds that while Hizb Allah's decision to stay out of the crosshairs of the war on terrorism after 9/11 caused its global terrorist capabilities to decline, the group has since rebuilt its IJO networks.
Even though I was very much aware of the importance of having children among the Ijo, until this experience I did not fully realize what a tremendous difference it made for a woman to be recognized as a mother and as a mother who has given birth.
The people of the Delta include the Ijo, Isoko, Urhobo, Ogoni, Abua, Itsekiri, Ekpeye, Ijebu Yoruba, and Riverain Igbo.
Hence the need for the prayer: a ko ni rin ni ijo ti ebi n pa ona--'may we not travel when the road lies famished'.
16) See Isidore Okpawho, "Poetry and Pattern: Structural Analysis of an Ijo Creation Myth", Journal of American Folklore, Vol.
Yo I mi marido izimos birit a muestro ijo I por esto mos estan aforzando ke vayamos al rey.