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ILIRIrish Lobby for Immigration Reform (est. 2005; New York, NY)
ILIRInstitute of Labor and Industrial Relations
ILIRIn House Laboratory Independent Research
ILIRIndependent Laboratory In-house Research
ILIRIndependent Laboratory Innovative Research
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Top from left: Khurrum Shezad, Graham Hurry, Ilir Vogli, Jason Wood.
Friday's protest, which attracted more than 20,000 people, was prompted by the resignation of Ilir Meta, the country's deputy prime minister, after a video surfaced allegedly showing him asking a colleague to influence the awarding of a contract for building a power station.
Albanian Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta resigned on Friday, saying he intended to fight corruption allegations made by the former economy minister.
agreement with a consortium, comprising Boris Adlam, Ilir Sela and
Albanian Deputy PM Ilir Meta also brought forward information about the international pressure for negotiations.
Damascus, (SANA) _President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday discussed with Albanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta the latest developments in the Balkan region.
Bulgaria is going to support the EU visa liberalization for Albania after the European Commission initiates such a measure," stated the Bulgarian Foreing Minister during his meeting wih his Albanian counterpart Ilir Meta on Friday.
Albanian Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta, Turkish Ambassador in Tirana Hasan Asan and many guests attended the inauguration ceremony.
The plaintiffs in the case, Ilir Sino, a deputy who is Muslim, and Mark Zidek, a Roman Catholic, protested.
He said ILIR has helped to mobilise Irish communities and has made a lasting positive impression on some of the most powerful political figures.
At least seven of the nine suspects are the leader and members of the so-called local militant organization Anti-Apostasy Forum, FAKTA, while the remaining two are the headmaster and a teacher of a Muslim boarding school in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency in South Sumatra Province, Nataprawira said.
On a black stage sparkled with points of light, an ensemble engages classical vocabulary, starting with the simplest of school steps and moving on to intricate, athletic combinations for 10 solo dancers: Kenna Draxton, Kanako Imayoshi, Natalia Magnicaballi, Michelle Mahowald, Christina Noakes, Joseph Cavanaugh, Ross Clarke, Robert Dekkers, Ilir Shtylla, and Astrit Zejnati.