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ILMInformation Lifecycle Management
ILMInstitute of Leadership and Management (Lahore, Pakistan; now University of Management and Technology)
ILMIdentity Lifecycle Manager (Microsoft business platform)
ILMIndustrial Light & Magic (George Lucas)
ILMInfrastructure Lifecycle Management (IBM)
ILMInternal Limiting Membrane (ophthalmology)
ILMI Love Myself
ILMIntegrated Logistics Management
ILMImmeuble à Loyer Moyen (French: Average Rent Building)
ILMIncremental Launching Method (bridge construction)
ILMIncident Linked Multimedia (PowerPhone)
ILMWilmington, NC, USA - New Hanover County Airport (Airport Code)
ILMIndependent Landing Monitor
ILMInfinity Loop Music (band)
ILMIntermediate Level Maintenance
ILMI Love Mom
ILMIncoming Label Mapping (networking)
ILMInterrupt Level Mask
ILMIn-Line Monitor
ILMIndividual Learning Module
ILMInstitute of Labour Management (British)
ILMIndex List Maintenance
ILMIntelligent Line Manager
ILMInternational Library Movement
ILMInstructional Laboratory Manager
ILMIntermediate Landmark
ILMInterim Lodging and Meals (Canada)
ILMIn Loving Memory
ILMInstitut des Langues Modernes (French: Institute of Modern Languages)
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Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah appeared in court to defend Ilm din Shaheed but the British court awarded him death sentence.
Initially, ILM had a financial stake in Base; now China Media Capital has stepped in.
Khan Afzal Khan, president of ILM said their aim was to enforce Islamic system, rule of law and provision of speedy justices to masses.
Throughout ILM training, participants work through the skills needed to manage their teams effectively and make sure they are achieving organisational goals.
ILM Programmes (award, certificate and diploma) provided by Worth Consulting include: Level 2, 3 and 5 in Leadership and Management; and level 3, 5 and 7 in Coaching and Mentoring.
Ms Read said that Bapco's ILM Programme was a world-class learning solution designed to promote a culture of excellence within its managers.
It has become wide-spread because it enables better alignment of data storage and management practices with key enterprise applications, helping to drive IT towards business process management objectives--an important aim for all CIOs and part of the eventual ILM vision.
ILM director of membership Hilary Bayliss said: "The membership reflects Howard's influence in the field of leadership and management, as chief executive of the largest FE college in Wales.
The ILM solution then automatically archives this data to secondary storage without manual assistance from IT personnel.
This assembly is what makes ILM 2004 a 'must attend event' for anyone involved in information management, datacenter operations, datacenter and storage architectures, and email regulatory compliance.
StorageTek will quickly lose the trademark based on its disclosure that it has no plans to defend the mark, a fact that Maby indicated the company believed would promote adoption of ILM strategies.