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ILSEInternational Life Saving Europe
ILSEIntermediate Level Support Equipment
ILSEInternational Labour Standards E-Library
ILSEInitiative for Life Science Entrepreneurship (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
ILSEIterative Least-Squares Estimator
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There was a carpet all over the floor, and in one corner there was a forty-pinny and a Jew's harp and the divil knows what ilse, and in another corner was a sofy, the beautifullest thing in all natur, and sitting on the sofy, sure enough, there was the swate little angel, Misthress Tracle.
This morning I was asked to read a passage from the book when I visited my mother in Breitenau, and that is one of the worst memories I have," says Ilse.
That strength helped Ilse raise two children with a debilitating genetic condition and endure the anguish of losing her extraordinary son Marcus to leukaemia.
Plot: Rick, crushed by Ilse stupidly believing that he meant what he said when he told her to go with Victor, turns to Captain Renault for solace and embarks upon a gay relationship.
After an extensive selection process, Ilse Media decided to entrust its web sites' hosting to Terremark's Dedigate because of the robust, innovative solutions and the scalability offered by Dedigate's platforms.
Paul Ilse, an Operating Partner with Francisco Partners, has initially been named as Chief Executive Officer of ClickSoftware, and, together with the existing executive team will lead the Company to achieve its growth targets.
In 2014, Ilse said, Aptean's three goals for the year are:
Driven by the question whether the winter-excursion of the humpback whales in the eastern Weddell Sea was a unique event, Ilse Van Opzeeland developed a procedure for the automatic detection of humpback whale calls and analysed all PALAOA recordings from 2008 and 2009 for acoustic signs of life from these animals.
AJ Capital Partners is also the owner of the Ilse de France hotel in St Barths and a number of high end properties in the USA.
com)-- Ilse started in the restaurant industry and that was her path to the world of wine.
Bullied teen" Nadia Ilse got plastic surgery after she could no longer stand the "elephant ears" and "dumbo" taunts, the (http://www.
His great aunt Ilse Atenstaedt of Bitterfeld was 40 when she was taken away to be gassed by the National Socialist regime - because she was severely disabled with spina bifida.