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ILUI Love You
ILUI Like You
ILUIndependent Logical Unit
ILUInter Language Unification
ILUInter-Language Unification
ILUIndependent Living Unit
ILUInstitute of London Underwriters (finance)
ILUIntegrity, Love, Unity
ILUInternational Longshoremen's Union
ILUIndependent Logical Unit (SNA Networking)
ILUIndividual Labour Unit (Canada)
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Further, ILU contracts are diversified between rental and type B entrance fee contracts with approximately 60% entrance fee contracts and 40% rental contracts.
Next, an inverse-based ILU with static block diagonal pivoting is computed where the block diagonal pivots are either 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 pivots depending on which of the two choices yields more block diagonal dominance.
Ilu maa gbele, n o nijo jo Ka reti fi gbo nasia (Tani n binu?
Also, half of the interviewees thought that ILU had greater political influence and obtained more concessions from the government since 2000 than during previous PRI administrations.
LIRMA's membership, which includes international giants such as AIG, Munich Re and Axa Re, overlaps with ILU since about 40 companies belong to both ILU and LIRMA.
1% Medicare cuts that went into effect in October 2011, and occupancy declines across both ILU and SNF facilities.
Projects include repositioning of the SNFs to AL and memory care as well as major renovations to ILUs as they become available.
In 1990, there were 75 major accidents involving bulkers, with 19 becoming total losses, according to the ILU.
Management is now embarking on a new independent living campus project (totaling 96 ILUs built in three phases) four miles from Moorings Park's main campus with limited financial risk and upfront cost to the organization, which Fitch views favorably.
notes, "Both Lloyd's and the ILU have been supportive on the premise that what's good for London is good for them.
Beginning in 2003, the community has allowed all individuals regardless of military service background to take residence, which Fitch views as a positive credit factor that helps bolster ILU demand.
02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): ILU Shower Upgrade at HMP Castle Huntly