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ICONInventory Control (System; Descon)
ICONIntegrated Control
ICONIndependent Control (Pearl Corporation)
ICONIntegrated Controls
ICONIndependent Control
ICONImport Conditions (Australia)
ICONInternational Council on Nanotechnology (Rice University)
ICONInternational Journal of Constitutional Law (New York University Law School)
ICONInternational Conference on Networks
ICONInner City Organisations Network (Ireland)
ICONInsulator Collectors on the Net
ICONIntermediate Coordination Node (US DoD)
ICONIndependent Cattlemen of Nebraska
ICONIntegrated Colorado Online Network
ICONIntegrated Court Offences Network (Canada)
ICONIntra Government Communications Network (Australian government)
ICONInternational Confederation of Nations
ICONImagery Communications and Operations Node
ICONIndo-Chinese Outreach Network
ICONIntegrated Customer Ordering Network
ICONImmunoConcentration (pregnancy and other immunoassay testing)
ICONIntelligence Community Collaborative Operations Network
ICONInvolved Citizens of the Neighborhoods (Laplata, Maryland)
ICONIntegration Concept/Contract
ICONInitial Call Origination Node (Cisco)
ICONInfield Communications Network
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Three different techniques were applied, defining interference as (a) nonlinear assay responses with serial dilution, (b) discrepant assay results after pretreatment with heterophile blocking reagent (HBR), or (c) positive reactions on a mouse-antibody-negative control reaction (Tandem ICON[R] ImmunoConcentration hCG).
For immunoconcentration applications such as blood separation, latex-entrapment assays, enzyme-loading assays, Millipore customers rely on a selection of prefilters and our well-recognized Durapore[R] and Immobilon membranes.