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IMPInternet Messaging Program
IMPInternational Masters Publishers
IMPImpasse (French: Dead End; Canada Post street designation)
IMPInterface Message Processor (ARPANET)
IMPImperator (Latin: Emperor)
IMPInteractive Mathematics Program
IMPInosine 5'-Monophosphate
IMPInstituto Mexicano del Petroleo
IMPIsle of Man Pound (ISO currency code)
IMPImager for Mars Pathfinder
IMPInstitut Médico-Pédagogique (French: Medical-Pedagogical Institute)
IMPIntegrated Master Plan
IMPInvestigational Medicinal Product (European Union)
iMPInformation Impacts (magazine)
IMPInterplanetary Monitoring Platform
IMPInterplanetary Monitoring Platform (Explorer satellites)
IMPImperforate (philately)
IMPIntegrated Management Plan
IMPInstitutional Master Plan
IMPInternational Marketing and Purchasing (Group)
IMPIt's My Pleasure (Internet slang)
IMPIncident Management Plan
IMPInstitut für Medizinische Psychologie (Institute of Medical Psychology, LMU Germany)
IMPInventory Management Plan
IMPInstitute of Medical Physics (Erlangen, Germany)
IMPInternational Match Points (bridge game)
IMPInvisible Mic Preamp
IMPInformation Management Plan
IMPInternational Museum of Photography
IMPIntrinsic Membrane Protein
IMPInstitute of Materials Processing (Michigan)
IMPInformation Management Practices
IMPImperatriz, Maranhao, Brazil (Airport Code)
IMPInternet Message Processor (less common)
IMPIll Mannered Playas (rap group)
IMPIntegrated Mediterranean Programme
IMPIonized Metal Plasma
IMPInstitute of Microwaves and Photonics
IMPIntelligent Mark Positioning (Virtek Company)
IMPInput Message Processor
IMPInternational Moron Patrol (internet flash-cartoon series)
IMPIntegrated Monitor Panel
IMPInstitute of Molecular Physics (Moscow, Russia)
IMPImplementation and Monitoring Plan
IMPInstructional Management Plan
IMPImplementation Management Plan
IMPIntegrated Mail Processor
IMPIndustrial Mobilization Plan
IMPInstallation Master Plan
IMPInstructional Media Package
IMPInput Message Processing
IMPInter-Modulation Product
IMPIndividual Meal Package
IMPIntelligent Processing of Materials
IMPInterface Management Plan
IMPInterline Message Procedure
IMPInput Method Profiler (Microsoft)
IMPInternet Modem Protocol
IMPItem Management Plan
IMPIntelligent Machine Post
IMPInvited Medical Personnel
IMPInbound Message Processor
IMPInfrastructure Modernization Plan
IMPIntelligence Message Processor
IMPImproved Maintenance Plan/Program
IMPIn-service Management Panel
IMPInitial Military Program
IMPInfantry Mortar Plan
IMPInitial Modeling Step
IMPIntegrated Modernization Period
IMPIntegrated Maintenance Procedure
IMPIntermodule Packet
IMPInteroperability/Integrated Management Plan
IMPICF Media Platform
IMPIn-Mould Painting (injection molding of pastic parts)
IMPInjected Metal Products (component assemblies produced using a die casting technique)
IMPIncubadora de Microempresas Productivas (Bolivia microfinance)
IMPInstitute for Metal Physics (Ukraine)
IMPInterMedium Publishers (Netherlands)
IMPIndiana Michigan Power (utility)
IMPImage Product
IMPInstrumental Music Program (various organizations)
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Rex Imperator can benefit from a step |down in distance at Thirsk tomorrow
A continuacion, en la segunda parte de la obra se analizan los tres primeros monarcas que se intitularon imperator en primera persona--Alfonso VI, Urraca I y Alfonso I el Batallador--, reflejandose la amplitud del fenomeno imperial, que durante el periodo de Alfonso VI adquiere una nueva significacion respecto al periodo astur-leones, precisamente cuando aparece el termino regnum Hispaniae que se inserta en la intitulacion real.
El jefe de la Liga Latina habria llevado el titulo de imperator en virtud de la supremacia o imperium.
Ademas todos los peptidos antimicrobianos que se han aislado de venenos de escorpiones son de naturaleza basica, y entre ellos se pueden mencionar las pandininas de Pandinus imperator (Corzo et al.
Imperator Long, tapered roots with Roots size up best in 55 to 100 days stocky shoulders and deep, sandy loam.
Mr Hart put the snake, a Boa Constrictor Imperator, up for sale in his shop after she became too big for his adult son Nathan's home.
The QM2, as it is affectionately called, follows respectfully in the wake of the Mauritania, the Imperator, the Ile de France, the Normandie and, yes, the first Queen Mary - luxury liners that traversed the ocean in elegant style.
One of the UK's largest carrot growers, Watton Produce introduced its snack pack and mini carrot pack range two years ago using the long, slender and sweet Imperator variety.
RESUMEN: En el empleo sistematico dentro de la Epitoma rei militaris del sintagma imperator inuictus en las apelaciones directas de Vegecio al emperador, aceptando que este sea Teodosio el Grande, se puede interpretar una intencionalidad bien definida.
The jaw's owner: a 12 m (40 ft)-long crocodile cousin called Sarcosuchus imperator.
The croc's scientific name is Sarcosuchus imperator which means "flesh crocodile emperor.
The fossil clarifies the skeletal anatomy of the giant African crocodyliform, known among scientists as Sarcosuchus imperator, its growth patterns, size, longevity and phylogenetic position.