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IMEXImport and Export
IMEXImaginary Macromedia Exchange
IMEXImport Export Business Exchange
IMEXIndustrial Materials Exchange
IMEXWorldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events
IMEXInternational Monetary Exchange, Inc.
IMEXInternational Medical Educators Exchange (Canada)
IMEXImagery Exploitation (US DoD)
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This New South Dock (it was its official name), round which my earlier professional memories are centred, belongs to the group of West India Docks, together with two smaller and much older basins called Import and Export respectively, both with the greatness of their trade departed from them already.
Consequently, piecing together the molecules behind nuclear import and export could provide insight into how eukaryotes achieved that major evolutionary step.
China's agricultural products import and export trade form mainly include general trade, processing trade, and small-scale border trade, barter trade and so on.
Fully automated process that centralizes and standardizes Ingersoll Rand's import and export process across five of its major business units worldwide;
Detailed statistics, tables and figures of production, consumption, import and export and value can also be found here.
import and export of live hogs and pork (by countries amount trend etc.
Analysis of Spandex Import and Export Data Statistics in 2005
This project builds on Enterprise's leading market share of LPG import and export terminaling services," said Robert G.
com/reports/c29919) has announced the addition of The 2003 Import and Export Market for Disinfectants, Insecticides, Fungicides, and Weed Killers in Africa to their offering.
Readjustment of policy on cotton import and export.
Enterprise is the leading provider of NGL import and export terminalling services in North America.