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According to the importance sampling theorem, the direct ratio of particle weight [[lambda].
The following two theorems can help us to further develop the sequential importance sampling in tracking recognition:
Fixing on an importance sampling proposal distribution, one way to mitigate the particle degeneracy is to adopt the resampling step.
Successful application of the importance sampling methods depends on the skill to build an importance function that is easy to sample from and similar to the posterior but with heavier tails (Van Dijk & Kloek, 1983; Oh & Berger, 1992).
It should be underlined that the computational complexity of a PF also depends on its practical implementations and the choices made in the importance sampling and resampling procedures.
Sandman, Werner (2005), On optimal importance sampling for discrete-time Markov chains, Quantitative Evaluation of Systems, Volume 19 Issue 22
Importance sampling is a technique of Monte Carlo integration, which can be viewed as a continuous analogue of sampling with probability proportional to size (PPS) (Furnival et al.
05 Table 1b: Importance Sampling Diagnostics Relative Numerical Efficiency Steps: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mean 0.
The best results are obtained with the importance sampling of iBRDF in Fig.
Importance sampling was applied to a set of 336 yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.
Grooteman, "Adaptive radial-based importance sampling method for structural reliability," Structural Safety, vol.
However, the traditional particle filter is not adequate to independently track multiple targets, since the samples are centralized to the modal with the highest likelihood according to the importance sampling.