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IMREInstitute of Materials Research and Engineering
IMREInternational Management of Resources and Environment (academic program; various universities)
IMREInvestment Management and Real Estate
IMREInternational Media Resource Exchange (New York, NY)
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The chairman of the Justice Committee of the Hungarian State Assembly, Imre Veikey, expressed confidence that "Russia and Hungary are bound by common Christian values.
The nightmare began when Howells saw Imre from a bus stop when she was 18.
And that was the end of Imre Varadi's Newcastle United career, one which burned briefly but brightly - 90 appearances and 42 goals.
She stalked Imre for THREE years, learning his timetable and turning up on his breaks.
Jeff Diamanti and Imre Szeman are faculty members of the University of Alberta, Canada.
Taken in by the army after a radiation leak wipes out his entire community, Imre is put in school in an attempt to give him an ordinary childhood.
Top: Hungarian Imre |Zelei, second left, chalks up another victory as he finishes joint second in the Major in Huddersfield's 10th annual chess congress held at Ukrainian Club in Edgerton.
We can help companies develop up to 20,000 samples for proof-of-concept and pilot production allowing manufacturers to shorten the product cycle but minus the heavy capital R&D investment", said Dr Karen Chong, the IMRE scientist who is heading the Foundry.
Kevin Windorf has joined IMRE as senior vice president for its financial services practice.
We just thought it would be nice to give local residents a way to take part in our organization," said Valerie Imre, program coordinator for TLGV.
But the scraps of Slovak that Herr Franz could produce only with extensive assistance, whenever he even bothered to rely on such unworthy methods, which only injured his status, were unable to convey to Joschko what Herr Franz expected of him, and, most of all, what was the superfluous fussiness of the How rather than the unknown What that made this powerful and influential man so unsettling to Joschko, who had not choice but to stick close to Imre, although Imre was a Magyar--reason enough for Joschko to distrust him--and drive the prince's horseless carriage, which was capable of chasing the devil himself down the country roads.
Closer to home, this never before seen portrait of Goering has an element of local interest: the artist who painted it, Imre Goth, was interned in the Isle of Man.