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IMUSIntegrated Manure Utilization System
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6 seconds left in the clock, Imus coach Jerry Codinera designed a play for Daroya who got the ball from Mikee Cabahug before hitting the game winning three.
The site of two major Katipunero victories during the Philippine Revolution against Spain, the Battle of Imus in 1896 and the Battle of Alapan, where the very first flag of the Philippines was unfurled in 1898, Imus is known as the 'Flag Capital of the Philippines.
The opening of SM Center Imus marks another milestone for SM Prime.
For more than a decade, we've designed our IMUs to perform in the extremely harsh and demanding environments for our aerospace and defense customers.
Imus acknowledges that the result isn't precise according to the standards of geo-referencing.
As with all upcoming IMUs in the V series, the new M-V340 is far smaller, far lighter, and consumes far less current than Epson's current IMU, the M-G350.
According to the Pink News website, Imus referred to a 3rd-century religious text known as the 'Gospel of Judas Iscariot' and claimed it provided evidence that Jesus was a homosexual.
The annual golf outing raises money for the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer.
Comedian Tony Powell told Imus In The Morning that Morrison had pressured him and several others out of the green room on Monday morning while they were all waiting to go on air with host Don Imus.
In Burying Don Imus: Anatomy of a Scapegoat author Michael Awkward discusses much more than Imus and his predilection for shooting off his mouth on his radio show "Imus in the Morning" and throughout his controversial four-decade career.
95) can seem daunting, as author Deirdre Imus discusses the countless toxins and synthetic chemicals that are present in the "stuff" of our daily lives.
In today's news from newspaper campaign blogs: McCain POW interview online, McCain on Imus defends Palin, and Bob Barr on a "faux conservative.