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IMUSIntegrated Manure Utilization System
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The 100-series is a revolutionary new class of MEMS IMUs, orientation and position sensor modules offering unprecedented accuracies and a wide array of IO interfaces.
Imus acknowledges that the result isn't precise according to the standards of geo-referencing.
As with all upcoming IMUs in the V series, the new M-V340 is far smaller, far lighter, and consumes far less current than Epson's current IMU, the M-G350.
According to the Pink News website, Imus referred to a 3rd-century religious text known as the 'Gospel of Judas Iscariot' and claimed it provided evidence that Jesus was a homosexual.
The annual golf outing raises money for the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer.
Comedian Tony Powell told Imus In The Morning that Morrison had pressured him and several others out of the green room on Monday morning while they were all waiting to go on air with host Don Imus.
Imus confirms that the notion of consuming with a conscience (it is possible, after all) holds the promise of rejuvenation--of oneself and, in time, the planet.
But Imus knows a little something about how to quickly deflect flak.
I'm still boiling because too many people continue to defend Imus behind lame free-speech arguments - remember, speech is free, but consequences are not.
New York-based Imus was fired from his popular morning radio programme by CBS in April 2007 after a national controversy erupted over his use of the 'Nappy-headed' phrase to describe the Rutgers University women's basketball team.
In 2001, Marvin Imus, vice president and son of the founder, testified before Congress on behalf of FMI on access to broadband technologies in rural areas.
If you emphasized the downfall of Imus, the saga of Anna Nicole Smith from death to funeral to paternity, the astronaut love triangle, the escapades of Paris Hilton, and Alec Baldwin's private phone messages, you hereby are sworn in as the producer of any popular cable or celebrity news program.