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ITMIBM Tivoli Monitoring
ITMInside the Music
ITMIn the Money
ITMIn the Morning
ITMInformation Technology Management
ITMIn the Meantime
ITMInstitute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp, Belgium)
ITMInternet Transaction Mix
ITMInternet Traffic Management
ITMIt Manager
ITMInterval Timer Match
ITMInteractive Torque Management
ITMIntegrated Transaction Management
ITMInnowacje-Technologie-Maszyny (Polish: Innovation-Technology-Machines; trade show)
ITMIrregular Terrain Model (frequencies)
ITMInstitute of Telematics (Germany)
ITMIntelligent Thermal Management (patented technology)
ITMIonic Trace Minerals
ITMIn The Moment
ITMInfinite Thinking Machine (education)
ITMInformation Technology Media (South Africa)
ITMInforma Telecoms & Media (various locations)
ITMIraq The Model (blog)
ITMInstitute of Technology Management (India)
ITMInteractive Teaching Method (est. 1993)
ITMInstitute of Travel & Meetings (UK)
ITMIrish Traditional Music
ITMIrish Traveller Movement (Dublin, Ireland; est. 1990)
ITMInformation Technology Manager
ITMInstituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Medellín, Colombia)
ITMIntelligent Topic Manager (Mondeca SA)
ITMIndiana Test Method
ITMInternational Textile Machinery Exhibition (Turkey)
ITMIstituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane (Italian)
ITMIntegral Membrane Protein
ITMInternationale Technische Messe (Danish: International Technical Fair)
ITMInformation Transfer Meeting
ITMInternet Threat Monitoring
ITMInternational Training Management
ITMInteractive Training Module
ITMInsecticide-Treated Material(s)
ITMIntegrated Traffic Management
ITMInspector of Torpedoes and Mines (US Navy)
ITMIntegrated Transport Management
ITMOsaka, Japan - Itami International Was Osaka (Airport Code)
ITMInternetworking Technology Multimedia
ITMInformation Transaction Machine
ITMInstitute for Membrane Technology (Italy)
ITMInstrument Technical Manager
ITMInstitut Technique Medical
ITMInbound Telemarketing
ITMInternational Trade Mark
ITMInformative Test Methods
ITMIncentive Travel and Meetings Association
ITMInstallation, Testing, and Maintenance
ITMInterim Traffic Manager
ITMIonospheric/Thermospheric/Mesospheric Physics
ITMInert Training Missile
ITMIndex of Technical Manual/Publication
ITMInstallation Test Method
ITMInteroperability Test Module(s)
ITMInterface Termination Module
ITMInteractive Trademark
ITMIntegrated Test & Maintenance
ITMInput Trigger Mode (Agilent)
ITMInside Track Media (UK)
ITMInstant Teller Machine (CIBC Bank, Canada)
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They get the news, time and weather in the morning.
On Thursday, November 29, INS agents "came over here at 5:30 in the morning, asked me to come" with them.
The crimes typically occur in the morning, with burglars prying open rear sliding doors before making off with small, valuable items - factors that led investigators to conclude the crimes might be linked, said detective Sgt.
My family usually went out early in the morning to pick cans to earn some extra money.
To appreciate how Jim Harrick has been able to renovate his image as if it were a battered summer cottage in Rhode Island's Coastal Lowlands, it helps to know this: After his University of Rhode Island team upset Kansas on Sunday, a few hundred fans showed up at the airport at 3 in the morning to welcome the Rams back from Oklahoma City.
They took some from work and some at 5 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning.
They'll have the results by the end of the day, and the next day, you'll take them and your documentation to the consulate at 9 o'clock in the morning.