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ISTTPIn-Service Teacher Training Program (St. Clair College; St. Claire, Canada)
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This component has the following objectives: 1) consolidate and extend the zones of pedagogical influence model to all provinces of Angola; 2) prepare, implement and evaluate an in-service teacher training program aimed at improving teachers' academic knowledge, pedagogical skills and use of time in the classroom; and 3) further improve school management and accountability to local communities with the introduction of grant-financed pedagogical school projects focused on quality enhancing activities.
PCEPT is a month long in-service teacher training program held at universities, and comprises seven modules spread over 72 sessions.
The present activity is in line with government and NISTE request to JICA for support to conduct in-service teacher training program of science education based on the newly introduced science curricula at school level.
The extension is necessary to achieve the Project Development Objective (PDO) by financing: 1) implementation of the in-service teacher training program to improve teacher pedagogical classroom practices under second component; 2) finalization of the implementation of the 26 ethno-indigenous education plans under second component; 3) preparation of the rural education policy, including public consultations with key stakeholders, to improve sustainability of the project under third component; 4) completion of the pending two studies under third component; and 5) a project impact evaluation under third component.
In-service teacher training programs are implemented as a way to improve teachers' quality.
The study was designed to analyze the role of RITEs by considering their in-service teacher training programs for five years, i.
In this paper we examine challenges of Japanese teachers' professional development which points to the essential change in in-service teacher training programs.
Introduce alternative teaching strategies in pre-service and in-service teacher training programs.
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