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It is expected that the cost of IR detectors will drastically reduce during the forecast period of 2014-2019, mainly due to product developments and application of product technologies such as MCT and InGaAs in wider spectral ranges, beyond 8um.
However, InGaAs technology can identify the difference, based on chemical properties.
Originally developed for space-based earth observation programs and adapted for military use, InGaAs cameras detect energies in the SWIR (shortwave infrared spectrum).
Sharp has now succeeded in forming an InGaAs layer with high crystallinity by using its proprietary technology for forming layers.
Goodrich has pioneered the design and production of shortwave infrared cameras and systems using advanced InGaAs imaging technology for industrial, commercial, military, agricultural and biomedical markets.
Both models are equipped with three detectors, including a photomultiplier tube for the UV-Vis region, and InGaAs and PbS detectors for the NIR region.
Sensors Unlimited purchased certain assets of Finisar's Sensors Unlmited subsidiary, which makes InGaAs photodiode arrays and cameras for industrial spectroscopy, and assumed its name, for $6.
InP overcomes the strain induced performance limitation since it is lattice matched with 53 percent mole fraction InGaAs channels.
Although there is a great deal of ongoing research work in more exotic transistor technologies - such as InGaAs on InP HEMT, low-temperature AlGaAs on InGaAs tunneling electron devices and even silicon-on-saphire - currently the most practical semiconductor technologies for microwave applications are silicon bipolar and GaAs-based FET.
Other features include a wide spectral range fromm visible light through NIR in reflectance, transmittance and transflectance modes; high energy throughput, and a wide dynamic range for analysis; and the availability of InGaAs detector technology for optimum performance in the 800-1700 nm spectral range.
The velocity of electrons is much greater in InGaAs than in GaAs or AlGaAs.