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InGaAs technology performs a vital function in identifying plastic or wood fragments, cardboard and both light and dark coloured stones.
The use of Sortex's double sided high definition camera Viewing and an enhanced InGaAS camera system overcomes the failure of traditional end of line sorters to satisfactorily remove wood, plastic and cardboard, which are a major cause of customer complaints.
Like all Sortex machines, the Sortex E1D combines bichromatic cameras, InGaAs technology, PROfile (shape) technology, and fast, precise ejectors to ensure accurate elimination of contaminants.
Originally developed for space and military application, InGaAs camera technology is highly effective in optical sorting because vegetable matter wavelengths absorb energy, while common packaging materials such as plastic, wood and cardboard reflect it.
There are two monitors in the current setup: a temperature-controlled InGaAs photodiode and a silicon (Si) photodiode.
InGaAs and Si PIN Diodes - Quadrant Detectors - UV-Enhanced - high speed and responsivity for multiple applications, including terminal guidance for laser guided munitions, laser warning systems, and laser spot tracking
Replacing silicon with high-mobility channels such as Ge and InGaAs will be the next major materials revolution.
com/research/2lw8mr/ir_detector) has announced the addition of the "Global IR Detector (MCT, InGaAs, Pyroelectric, Thermopyle, Microbolometer) Market - Forecast to 2020" report to their offering.
The combination of Sortex's two directional view high definition cameras, enhanced InGaAS cameras and PROfile (shape) technology is enabling Ardo to handle our industrial products with renewed confidence.
Of particular interest was the "Spy in the Sky" InGaAs technology developed for the defense industry to detect concealed military camps in jungles.
The equipment will be used for the cleaning of III-V materials; GaAs, InP, InGaAs, GaN, AlGaN, etc .
According to a new report "IR Detector Market by Technology (MCT, InGaAs, Pyroelectric, Thermopyle, Microbolometer), Application (People & Motion Sensing, Temperature Measurement, Fire & Gas Detection, Spectroscopy), Spectral Range (S/M/LWIR) & by Geography - Global Forecast to 2013 - 2020" , published by MarketsandMarkets, the total market is expected to reach $704.