INSBInternational Naval Surveys Bureau
InSbIndium Antimony (microwave integrated circuit)
INSBInternational Nursery School Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
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Its cooled 640 x 480 InSb seeker operates in the medium wave infrared band, and is equipped with a x10 optical zoom (wide field of view being 20[degrees] x 15[degrees]).
identified transient and permanent degradations to an InSb FPA detector when irradiated by an in-band semi-conductor laser, and also attempted to qualify the "dazzling efficiency" of a laser on an FPA.
The TXR is a portable two channel radiometer, with one channel at 5 [micro]m using a photovoltaic InSb detector and the other at 10 [micro]m using a photovoltaic MCT detector.
3] Nanorods, ultra-long nanowires (aspect ratio > 5000) and flower like micro-structures InSb Irregular diamond-like particles, 30 - 200 nm Ti[O.
Correspondence should be addressed to Karsten Paul, Lehrstuhl fur Psychologie, insb.
Topics of the 17 papers on this very important discipline include silicon, the growth of gallium arsenide, computer modeling, indium phosphide, InSb and related ternary alloys, GaN substrates grown under pressure, CMT, sapphires, fluorides, quartz, diamond, silicon carbide and growth under minigravity conditions.
CMC Electronics Cincinnati offers a diversity of high-performance IR imaging modules based on patented InSb IR focal plane array architecture in the Gen 3-plus environment.
2] beam splitter and a liquid-nitrogen-cooled InSb detector.
The TVS-8500 high-performance infrared thermal imager with patented InSb focal plane array architecture is a compact, fully integrated unit with onboard data storage and comprehensive image analysis for industrial, environmental, and aerospace applications.
The Hawkeye array is a 640x480 InSb (Indium Antimonide) detector, which is considered high resolution by today's standards.
With its present InSb crystals, this beamline gives very high intensity ([10.
To date, InSb cameras offer the greatest sensitivity available in any commercially available IR camera system.