INSBInternational Naval Surveys Bureau
InSbIndium Antimony (microwave integrated circuit)
INSBInternational Nursery School Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
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Its cooled 640 x 480 InSb seeker operates in the medium wave infrared band, and is equipped with a x10 optical zoom (wide field of view being 20[degrees] x 15[degrees]).
The TXR is a portable two channel radiometer, with one channel at 5 [micro]m using a photovoltaic InSb detector and the other at 10 [micro]m using a photovoltaic MCT detector.
The School is primarily interested in IR materials and would like to be able to measure photoluminescence down to at least 1900cm-1 using a liquid Nitrogen cooled InSb detector.
Based on a 15-micron, InSb array, it weighs less than 454 grams, permitting a range of applications.
Also substituting the silicon technology by using other materials such as GaAs or InSb with high carriers mobility values, assures higher characteristics of the sensors.
Shortwave infrared photodetector materials include, but are not limited to, InGaAs, HgCdTe, InSb and Germanium.
007 Fused Silica InSb High pass 6500 [Angstrom] 13 000-50 000 0.
The new FLIR uses a 640 by 480 pixel InSb focal plane array and pro vides fields between 20 degrees down to 2 degrees to match those of the television camera.
manufactures type-I GaSb laser diodes for wavelength range 1800nm - 4000nm and offers high-throughput MBE service of arsenides and antimonides on GaSb, InSb, InAs, GaAs and InP substrates.
Contract notice: A10 insb ast urstein - ast hallein / a10 motorway, especially ast urstein - ast hallein, planning road / bridge, dl, ov, os.
Intended for any long range surveillance applications such as base or border protection and by virtue of its 1280 x 720 InSb focal plane array sensor, the Ranger HDC enables one to detect a man-sized object at an amazing range of over 10 kilometres and a vehicle at more than 20.