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INANAIndiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
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Para Enjeduana, la diosa Inana es el eje alrededor del cual gira el universo entero; es el misterio detras de la creacion: el ser trascendente.
Or is it actually Christ's path to the cross that Inana is following?
Betty De Shong Meador (traduccion y comentarios), Tres grandes poemas de Enjeduana dedicados a Inana.
The turning of Dumuzid into a lizard or gazelle in several texts from the Inana and Dumuzid Cycle; the turning of Bilulu into a water-skin in Inana and Bilulu; and the turning of Etar's shepherd lover into a wolf in the Standard Babylonian Gilgame.
playwright, Michele Lowe, to bring her play Inana to Basra, where Al-Azraki has returned to teach.
AN emphatic performance by Syrian troupe the Inana Dance Theatre raised the curtain on the Bahrain Summer 2009 festival last night.
I argue elsewhere (Gadotti 2010) that MLM may be read on several different levels and that Sat-Istar is to be seen as the embodiment of the goddess Inana in her maternal role.
Staging of Zenobia Queen of the Levant dance show by the Syrian Inana Dance Theatre, 8.
High honors were awarded to Montana Airey, Alexandra Campbell, Danielle Casey, Kelly Clark, Bradley Couture, Inana Dairi, Anna DiMario, Stephanie Dodge, Avary Don, Andrew Flaherty, Darby Gould, Thomas Guerin, Mia Guerriero, James Harvey, Madeline Jenkins, Connie Jiang, Kelsey Keenan, Daniel Kennedy, Samuel Kirschbaum, Tess Kremer, Michael Lengieza, Benjamin Mandelbaum, Kara McCormack, Erin O'Donnell, Alexander Parker, Rachael Patten, Julia Payson, Bret Perisho, Nicolas Raduazo, Julia Reverdy, Emma Romasco, Cameron Rothfuss, Kyle Shanley, Joel Sharin, Emily Stegner, Anna Walsh, Brandon Werner, Zollie Yavarow and Rachel Zelle.
SYRIAN troupe the Inana Dance Theatre are preparing to dance their way into the kingdom's hearts as the country readies itself for Bahrain Summer 2009.
Szarzyriska, "offerrings for the Goddess Inana in Archaic Uruk" Revue d 'Assyriologie 87 (1993): 7-8, 14; Heimpel, "Catalog," 11-12; J.