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Peritonsillar abscess: Comparison of outcome of incision and drainage versus needle aspiration.
In 786 outpatient subjects, including 505 adults and 281 children who were randomized to receive 10 days of treatment with either clindamycin, TMP-SMX, or placebo following incision and drainage, mean cure rates at the 10-day post-therapy test of cure visit were 83% in the clindamycin group, 82% in the TMP-SMX group, and 69% in the placebo group, he said, noting that the differences were statistically significant for both treatments vs.
Data of the current study slightly differ from the study of Methew GC et al12 as they reported extra-oral incision for the drainage of abscess in 45% cases, and 27% of their patients had only intraoral incision and drainage made, while 27% had both intraand extra-oral incisions.
9% of patients had recurrence after incision and drainage with buttoning.
Key Words: Peritonsillar abscess, Incision and drainage, Needle aspiration.
While in group B 80% of patients were cured with single sitting of incision and drainage and 20% required second sitting of drainage.
An area of fluctuation heralds the onset of a breast abscess, for which the recommended treatment is a formal incision and drainage under general anaesthesia.
Incision and drainage of cutaneous abscesses (without antibiotics) is considered an appropriate intervention.
Incision and drainage is the primary therapy for purulent skin and soft tissue infections (SOR: B, randomized, controlled clinical trials [RCTs]).
Management of MRSA-colonized vulvar abscess primarily involved incision and drainage.
A 31-year-old otherwise healthy female patient presented for an incision and drainage of a facial abscess.
He also presented data from the Integrated Soft Tissue Infection Service clinic, which performs as many as 2,000 incision and drainage procedures and other surgical procedures in the outpatient setting.