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IFHInternational Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (est. 1998; Somerset, England, UK)
IFHIncome from Home (software)
IFHInstitut für Handelsforschung (German)
IFHInvestment for Health (various locations)
IFHIcelandic Farm Holidays (est. 1980)
IFHInternational Foundation for Homeopathy
IFHI've Found Her (Babylon 5 game)
IFHInterface Host
IFHInternational Foundation of Hope
IFHIdeal Frequency-Hopping
IFHInstitut für Hotelmanagement GmbH
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7 percent to GBP390m, buoyed by higher income from home lending and deposit costs.
com)-- Home Business Center's latest book, “21 Food Businesses You Can Start from Home,” shows food enthusiasts how they can generate income from home by starting a food-related business - even if they don't cook.
Arct ic weather has decimated the card in recent weeks, denying clubs income from home games, but the blow is to be softened by the SFA who have sanct ioned a 50 per c ent inc rea s e i n discretionary payments.
The programme is a centre that promotes goods produced by Emirati families, enabling them to supplement their income from home.
INCOME from home care charges for elderly and disabled people in Northumberland is facing a potential pounds 345,000 shortfall - five months after a 33% increase in fees.
84 million in income from home sales, sales of sporting goods and rental income.
The deduction is limited to income from home office activities, but any allowable excess deduction may be carried forward to future tax years, where it will again be subject to the income limitation.
The Echo Devils are battling on with no income from home matches - and they have been given full backing by season ticket holders.
We would have had a good crowd and few clubs can afford to do without their income from home games.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to attract enough fans through the turnstiles to watch Conference League racing to make it a viable proposition and, with hotel and other expenses for away tours far exceeding income from home matches, we have had to reluctantly call it a day.
Remodeling professionals searching for their 15 minutes of fame and a new house should look elsewhere; the rules state that teams in which one or both members derive at least 25% of their income from home improvement work--including designing and decorating--are ineligible.
And because of the economy today, more people are looking for ways to earn a second income from home.
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