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IDVAIllinois Domestic Violence Act (est. 1986)
IDVAIndiana Department of Veterans Affairs (est. 1945)
IDVAIndependent Domestic Violence Advocates (UK)
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Prior Information Notice: Independent domestic violence advocates.
Wandsworth Borough Council is considering market testing the contract for the provision of Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Service and is seeking the views of potential providers on its draft specification and whether or not there is sufficient interest in the market for the service delivery.
These include: Friends, colleagues and employees of domestic violence victims need to be encouraged to share information; Northumbria Police should review how it investigates domestic abuse cases where the victim does not want to prosecute; Doctors' surgeries should have a system that 'flags' up to GPs when they are dealing with a victim of domestic abuse; And Newcastle City Council needs to increase its number of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) as the four its currently has are not sufficient to help all potential domestic violence victims like Sarah.
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