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IQOLIndividual Quality of Life
IQOLIncontinence Quality of Life
IQOLIntegrated Quantum Optoelectronics Lab (University of Waterloo; Canada)
IQOLImproving Quality of Life (health services)
IQOLInternational Quality of Life (market research)
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Researchers on the International Project on Family Quality of Life developed a conceptualization for family quality of life based on their experience in the field of individual quality of life (12).
This group based their research on the dimensions of individual quality of life proposed by Schalock et al.
A new short form individual quality of life measure (SEIQoL-DW): Application in a cohort of individuals with HIV/AIDs.
The schedule for the evaluation of individual quality of life.
Response shift masks the treatment impact on patient reported outcomes (PROs): The example of individual quality of life in edentulous patients.
This study aims to model individual quality of life with predictor variables at three different levels of analysis: time level (level 1), individual level (level 2), and program level (level 3).
We are interested in the real-life effects of case management on individual quality of life and how these effects might differ over time, between individuals and between treatment programs.
Results: At the end of the study data was analyzed to evaluate the effect of Hypnotherapy on the individual quality of life, life expectancy, cost savings to the hospital in terms of reduced medication and need for medical care.
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