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IRBCInfected Red Blood Cell
IRBCIrish Rare Birds Committee (est. 1971)
IRBCImmigration and Refugee Board of Canada
IRBCIowa Regular Baptist Camp
IRBCInternational Rule Book Committee (est. 1996)
IRBCIterative Robin Boundary Condition
IRBCIndividual Red Blood Cell
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Section II discusses the specifics of grading individual red blood cell abnormalities and defines a grading system described in words and images for anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, microcytosis, macrocytosis, hypochromia, polychromasia, blister cells, target cells, teardrop cells, schistocytes, sickle cells, spherocytes, acanthocytes, echinocytes, elliptocytes, stomatocytes, Howell-Jolly bodies, basophilic stippling, Pappenheimer bodies, rouleaux, and agglutination.
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