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I-DInduction-to-Delivery (pregnancy)
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In this prospective, randomized trial of 123 pregnant women undergoing induction of labor with an unfavorable cervix (Bishop score [less than or equal to] 6), the mean induction-to-delivery time was 3.
The primary outcome of induction-to-delivery time is not clinically important, particularly when multiparous women and those with a Bishop score above 5 are included, as they were in this study.
Pre-induction sonographic measurement of cervical length in prolonged pregnancy: the effect of parity in the prediction of induction-to-delivery interval.
Induction-to-delivery interval, successful induction and adverse effects were evaluated.
OUTCOMES MEASURED Induction-to-delivery interval, total duration of labor, maximum dose of oxytocin used during induction, and mode of delivery were the primary maternal outcomes reported.
Nulliparous women assigned to the membrane sweeping group who required cervical ripening with prostaglandins had shorter induction-to-delivery intervals (13.
Smaller institutions with limited medical staff should be aware of the potential prolongation of the induction-to-delivery interval" in cases in which the fetus is alive at the start of induction, said Dr.