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IENInspecteur de l'Éducation Nationale (French: Inspector of National Education)
IENIndigenous Environmental Network
IENInterrupt Enable Register
IENInternet Experiment Notes
IENIntelligent Emergency Network
IENIstituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale
IENInternet Experiment Note
IENIntraepithelial Neoplasia
IENInternet Engineering Notes (IETF)
IENInformation Exchange Network
IENIntegrated Enterprise Network (Hypercom)
IENInstituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale (Turin, Italy, time standard)
IENInter-Exchange Network (Cisco)
IENInternal Engineering Notice (Pratt & Whitney)
IENIn Each Nostril
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Their purpose was to establish and expand an information exchange network among ichthyologists studying sharks of the Mediterranean, in a spirit of mutual collaboration.
This is the first phase of fiscal year 2003 funding for ongoing work on the National Environmtal Information Exchange Network, which enables sharing of environmental data between the EPA, states, tribes, and other partners via the Internet.
eTrac, an Internet-based information exchange network, will enable Langham to electronically transmit shipping information in real-time, giving its customers complete visibility throughout the pick-up and delivery process.
Establishing an interactive information exchange network that will allow cities and municipalities to share and receive knowledge towards program sustainability.
A unified information exchange network is now possible by bringing together the Macintosh computers from the desks of our artists, photographers and copy editors, along with the Sun SPARCstations that drive our ad production, our proprietary scanners and typesettersm and our small Windows network to form a unified information exchange.
Today the Telegraph is an information exchange network for educators, students, business people, communities, and organizations.
Caltrans, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the California Highway Patrol, Long Beach Transit, Foothill Transit, the County of Los Angeles Public Works Department Information Exchange Network, Metro, and others exchange information through RIITS.
eu site, the interparliamentary information exchange network.
Due to its efforts to extend its tax information exchange network, Bahrain has moved out of the so-called grey list into the list of jurisdictions that have substantially implemented the internationally agreed tax standard.
Environmental Protection Agency has announced that six states in the southeast have been awarded environmental information grants to work with EPA in developing the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.
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