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Vitro says its discoveries may lead to new pharmaceutical agents that stimulate activation of native adult stem cells to regenerate inner ear hair cells, together with other cells derived from adult stem cells, without the necessity of stem cell transplantation.
We found that whereas the beta cells and skin cells showed some regeneration in response to cellular loss, inner ear hair cells were not capable of regeneration and thus hair cell death caused partial deafness.
These slender, interconnected projections sit atop the basic sensory elements of hearing--the inner ear hair cells.
The breakthrough was made by growing inner ear hair cells in a laboratory for the first time.
The mouse Snell's waltzer deafness gene encodes an unconventional myosin required for structural integrity of inner ear hair cells.
However, in the experimental mammalian model, attempts to regenerate damaged inner ear hair cells by genetic means have resulted in only limited success.