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INORInterdepartmental Network on Organophosphates Research
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She became the first person in Liverpool to be given an injunction ordering her to keep the animal under control and make sure that it does not cause "nuisance, damage or annoyance" inor around Vanbrugh Road.
We're portrayed as a "wha's like us" mixture of football-obsessed, macho, drink-sodden neds with a bit of Oor Wullie, the Broons and X Factor thrown inOr as aspirational, Starbucksdrinking, lifestyle-supplement reading, Franz Ferdinand-loving, globe-trekking sophisticates who all live off Byres Road.
The CIA has apparently acted independently of the US Government and it worries me that MI5 and MI6 may be taking steps which are not discussed inor approved by Parliament.
for Fuji Electric, Toho, Partlow, Autonics, Konbo, Inor, Tek Know, Extech)
memory resources and therefore inor decrease cognitive load; and (c)
His last work, published posthumously, is coauthored with Berhanu Chamora: Inor (Munich: Lincom Europa, 2000).
Yet Holmes, like all true baseball fans, remains cautiously optimistic to the end, leaving the viewer with the idea that small-town M inor League baseball just might survive.
The instructions were similar to those used in Experiment 2, with a m inor modification to accommodate the change in feedback on the pREP and the use of DMTS (copies of these instructions are available from the authors).
En primer lugar, algunas tendencias de la fonetica del espanol chileno se manifiestan de manera escrita en el diario La Cuarta: julero (< fulero), inor (< senor), nurdo (< zurdo 'militante de izquierda'), gueno (< bueno 'fisicamente atractivo') y calchuncho (< calzon).
The Sickness Score (SS) is the United Kingdom's version; it has only inor modifications and similar predictive power.
Stavrou will be joined on stage by musicians Carlos Bernardo, Inor Sotolongo and Stelios Pittas.
All ofhis mail was screened, whether going inor out.