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ILOSInitial Low Oxygen Stress (agriculture)
ILOSInpatient Length of Stay (Australia)
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AS HOSPITALS--AND HEALTH CARE OVERALL --continue moving toward value-based care, one area of opportunity to improve access and costs is reducing inpatient length of stay.
In addition, the trust has a number of measures in place to help achieve the target in future, including raising public awareness of how best to access services, improving patient flow through reducing inpatient length of stay and improving the way in which patients are discharged.
2) Boston Scientific is targeting this high-cost patient group that consumes an average of 2 percent of healthcare spending in Europe and has an average 11-day inpatient length of stay.
In addition, median and mean inpatient length of stay prior to transitional residence admission and length of stay in the transitional residence were calculated.
By contracting this service the inpatient length of stay for the Trust will be reduced along with the overall spell length of stay for the services provided.
The actual observation volume may be higher after reviewing inpatient length of stay more closely.
The goal of the Community Connections programme is to provide intensive case management and outreach to reduce frequency of visits to the emergency room, reduce inpatient length of stay and re admissions, and assist patients in improving their health and quality of life.
A comparison of inpatient length of stay and costs among patients with hematologic malignancies (excluding Hodgkin disease) associated with and without acute renal failure.
Information on inpatient length of stay after termination of the study period was collected during April and May 2005.
Recent discussions include questions on inpatient length of stay, reorganizing a pediatric department, and passing on a clinic to your heirs.