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ITBInstitut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesian: Bandung Institute of Technology; Indonesia)
ITBIn The Beginning
ITBIn The Business (aka in the business service industry)
ITBInvitation To Bid
ITBIliotibial Band
ITBIntention to Buy (market research)
ITBIn The Bag
ITBIn the Butt (medical)
ITBIndividual Throttle Bodies
ITBIn the Buff (various organizations)
ITBInstitut Technique de Banque (French: Technical Institute of Banking)
ITBInstruction to Bidder
ITBInfantry Training Battalion
ITBInstitute of Technology Blanchardstown (Ireland)
ITBInside the Beltline
ITBIntrathecal Baclofen Therapy
ITBIntermediate Transmission Block
ITBIn the Box
ITBInformation Technology Branch
ITBInside The Beltway (Washington, DC)
ITBInstytut Techniki Budowlanej (Poland)
ITBIt's the Bomb
ITBIndustry Training Board (various organizations)
ITBIndustrial and Technological Benefits (military procurement; Canada)
ITBInformation Technology Building (various locations)
ITBInternational Terminal Building (Canada)
ITBIntegrated Tug and Barge
ITBInternationale Tourismusbörse (German)
ITBIrish Tourist Board
ITBInfectious Tracheobronchitis (aka Kennel Cough)
ITBIstituto di Tecnologie Biomediche
ITBIntegrated Test Bed
ITBIntermediate Text Block
ITBBandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
ITBInsecticide-Treated Bednet
ITBInvigorating Thai Business
ITBInstitute of Tropical Biology (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
ITBInstitute of Tropical Biology
ITBIsraeli Test Bed
ITBInsurance Technical Bureau
ITBInternational Travel and Business (trade show)
ITBIraqi Training Brigade
ITBIndependent Tank Battalion
ITBInternational Time Bureau
ITBInterturbine Burner (gas turbine engines)
ITBImdlawn Tashlhiyt Dialect of Berber
ITBIce, Tea, and Bread (restaurant term)
ITBInland Tug and Barge
ITBIn-Transit Buffer
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The Mark Center consists of 2,664 apartment units and a 63,320-square-foot retail centre situated on over 150 acres inside the Beltway.
Over the course of his career, Anderson's work been cited by a variety of publications that focus on what happens inside the Beltway and in state capitals, and, at a luncheon event at the Trump International hotel here last fall, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores' president and chief executive officer was honored as trade association CEO of the year.
As David Oxenford , a partner at Inside the Beltway communications law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer, suggested on the day following the election of Donald Trump as U.
The success of National Harbor, along with the growth of last mile e-commerce, have made the industrial market inside the Beltway a sought after investment.
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what the Inside The Beltway Vacuum media know, and what they don't know.
Regardless of political affiliation, readers of all backgrounds would do well to consider The Devil Inside the Beltway as a chilling example of the consequences of government overreach, and the costs inflicted on small businesses as well as hard-working individuals.
Such growth empowers NSSF to speak with a single, powerful voice on behalf of industry inside the Beltway and in state houses across the country.
People inside the beltway are always interested in what's going with people inside the beltway,'' says Mark LaFramboise, a buyer for the Washington-based Politics & Prose Bookstore.
Editor's note: We invited several leading communicators and agencies to share their thoughts on doing business inside the Beltway.
The Obama administration has a history of creating and supporting organizations like its grass-roots campaign arm Obama for America and Business Forward, which placed allies on the ground for get-out-the-vote efforts and put White House officials in close contact with business leaders inside the Beltway and beyond, the report said.
We'll also keep you up to date on the key activities taking place inside the Beltway where NSBA is making a difference.
Drew wouldn't mind setting up shop inside the Beltway for 28 days to do some group therapy.