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The number of works produced were about 20 works of art inspired by nature, such as horses, falcons, camels and butterflies, as well as a number of other works inspired by the arts and heritage of Oman.
The retrofit is inspired by nature to reflect a sustainable philosophy, said Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, director-general of the Smart Dubai Office.
Founded in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thymes curates fragrances inspired by nature to craft personal care and home fragrance products.
ANGLESEY business Island Butterfly has developed a range of skin care products inspired by nature.
Louka's oil paintings are mainly inspired by nature and her love for nature and art have been transferred to her two daughters Katia and Maria Louka.
Student Sarah Burley, from Middlesbrough, is showcasing her abstract work of oil paintings, inspired by nature, and has managed the publicity for the event.
We are inspired by nature, but we don't use enzymes or biological processes.
com) TEXTILE designer Clarissa Hulse has launched a Boston Ivy range for the spring which combines ditsy vine and flowing tendril prints inspired by nature, with throws and cushions to complement the bed linen in Sulphur - a cheerful yellow that pairs well with leaf motifs and trailing plants to bring the outdoors into your bedroom.
Khan used colours for his pieces inspired by nature and the Mughals.
The patented green system is inspired by nature and uses a simple process to treat wastewater in an unpretentious manner, all inside a pipe.
Look for items you think might have been inspired by nature.