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Among the 159 women in the intention-to-treat analysis, four conceived before treatment and four dropped out.
Table 5 shows that depressed mood, as measured by the CES-D 10 in the intention-to-treat analysis, significantly declined from baseline (week 0) to week 4 and from baseline to week 12, but not from baseline to week 8.
Results: Approximately 49% adherence was achieved in all of the sampled subjects during a 10-year period and 37% in subjects with intention-to-treat.
However, in the intention-to-treat analysis, all measures were significantly different from those found in the placebo group.
The intention-to-treat analysis does, however, provide a comparison between treatments offered to patients but not necessarily accepted by them, as can occur in clinical practice," the investigators wrote.
In an intention-to-treat analysis, 80 percent of patients had greater than a 50 percent decrease in lymph node swelling.
97) or five birth rates per intention-to-treat analysis (7.
The intention-to-treat population of 1,591 patients with confirmed influenza had a significant 21% shorter time to clinical symptom alleviation, compared with the intention-to-treat infected population of 1,302 patients who received placebo (97.
The only significant result for the primary outcome measure came from a post hoc, modified intention-to-treat analysis that excluded entry criteria violations and patients with measures at least 3 standard deviations outside the mean, he added.
In the intention-to-treat analysis of all 107 subjects, the insulin sensitivity index did not improve in the exercise-alone group or the controls.
An Intention-to-Treat (ITT) analysis was performed including all patients who took at least one dose of TMC435.
RESULTS: In an intention-to-treat analysis, there was no difference in CAC progression between the phylloquinone group and the control group; the mean (+/-SEM) changes in Agatston scores were 27 +/-6 and 37 +/-7, respectively.