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IRSInternal Revenue Service (US government)
IRSInsulin Receptor Substrate
IRSIndoor Residual Spraying (mosquito control)
IRSIndependent Rear Suspension
IRSInterest Rate Swap
IRSInsulin Receptor Signaling
IRSIndian Remote Sensing Satellite
IRSInfrared Spectrograph
IRSImage Retrieval System (computing)
IRSInsulin Resistance Syndrome
IRSInstitut für Raumfahrtsysteme (German: Institute of Space Systems)
IRSInformation Retrieval System
IRSInfoFrame Relational Store (NEC Corporation)
IRSIndian Register of Shipping (Indian ship classification society)
IRSInternal Rating System (finance)
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IRSInternational Retail Service
IRSInfra Red Sensor
IRSInterchange Record Separator
IRSInitial Receive Sequence
IRSImposto Sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Singulares (Portuguese tax)
IRSImmune Reconstitution Syndrome
IRSInteractive Response System (educational remote control)
IRSIndus River System
IRSIron Replacement System (golf)
IRSInertial Reference System
IRSInvestment Research Service
IRSIncident Reporting System
IRSInterface Requirements Specification
IRSInformation Referral Services (Ontario, Canada)
IRSInformation Reporting System
IRSIncreasing Returns to Scale
IRSInformation and Referral Specialist (various organizations)
IRSIndian Revenue Service (India)
IRSInvestor Relations Society
IRSInterpreter Referral Service (various organizations)
IRSInternational Register of Shipping (est. 1993; shipping industry)
IRSInventory Reduction Sale
IRSIrwin R. Schyster (pro wrestler)
IRSInternal Review Service (UK)
IRSIdentical, Related and Similar (US DHHS)
IRSImproved Rain Suit (US Air Force)
IRSInternational Radar Symposium
IRSIntelligence Research Specialist (FBI)
IRSInstitute of Regional Studies (Pakistan government)
IRSIntegrated Resorts Scheme (Mauritius)
IRSIntra Renal Surgery
IRSIntegrated Receivables Solutions (banking)
IRSInformal Resolution System
IRSInsurance Restoration Services, Inc. (New Jersey)
IRSInternational Referral System (now INFOTERRA)
IRSInherited Runners Scored (baseball; runner on base who scores after a new pitcher enters)
IRSIntel Research Seattle
IRSInternational Rorschach Society
IRSIllinois Radiological Society
IRSInterest Rate Support
IRSIndependent Recyling Services
IRSInfrared Locking System (automobiles)
IRSInternationally Recruited Staff
IRSIntermediate Reference System
IRSInternational Research and Studies Program (US)
IRSIntelligent Register System (Q.I. Press Controls)
IRSindividual replacement system (World War 2 troop rotation)
IRSIndustrial Relations Survey (UK)
IRSImmunoreactive Remmele Score (cancer)
IRSInformation Receiving Station
IRSInfrared Soldering
IRSInterstate Repeater Society
IRSIonizing Radiation Standards Group (National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
IRSI'll Return Shortly
IRSIgnition Radiation Suppression
IRSInterdisciplinary Research Support (various schools)
IRSIncident Response Service
IRSIndian Remote Sensing System
IRSInland Refugee Society (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
IRSIndex of Retail Saturation
IRSInternational Reference Star (set of star catalogs)
IRSItem Reduction Study
IRSInterferometric Rayleigh Scattering
IRSInput Record Seperator (Perl programming language)
IRSIndividual Readiness Survey (education)
IRSIncreasing Radius Search
IRSImagery Requirements Structure
IRSInfrastructure Requirements Specification
IRSInterference Reduction System
IRSIndiana Railroad System
IRSInfrared Suppressor
IRSInstitute of Railway Signal Engineers (UK)
IRSIndefinite Reserve Status
IRSInduction and Recruiting Station
IRSInstallation Readiness System
IRSInstitute for Reactor Safety, Germany (now Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH)
IRSIntegrated Resource and Schedule
IRSInternational Racing System
IRSInternational Russian Society
IRSIntegrated Reconstructed Spectrum
IRSIntegrated Review Software
IRSInferno Reckless Summonn (Yu-Gi-Oh)
IRSIndividual Research Study
IRSImpulse Radio Sequence
IRSInternational Reply Service
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More than 200 banks and buy-side firms are connected to the interest rate swap clearing service of Eurex Clearing, among them all major US, UK and continental European banks active in this market.
Simultaneously, Kungsleden has terminated old and expensive interest rate swaps with a high fixed interest rate.
According to CME, the latest announcement builds on CME Clearing Europe's current offering for over the counter interest rate swaps based on seven currencies: GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, CHF, JPY and with maturities of up to 50 years for, EUR, GBP and 30 years for all others.
4) If Hologen issues a floating rate note and engages in the interest rate swap, what is the net cost of financing for Hologen after the interest rate swap?
Another factor that is worthy of mention is that when an interest rate swap is priced, the present value of the floating rate payments is equal to the present value of the fixed rate payments.
Swaption or Swap Option--An agreement under which one party has an option to either enter into or cancel an interest rate swap with the other under specified terms.
If this company could be matched with a counterparty who wants to temporarily convert fixed-rate, fixed-maturity notes into floating-rate securities, both parties could effectively swap yields via an interest rate swap.
11 February 2014 - Chicago US-based derivatives marketplace CME Group (NASDAQ: CME) said it will launch Euro-Denominated Deliverable Interest Rate Swap Futures (Euro DSF) contracts on April 14 2014 pending CFTC review.
com)-- Gerstein Global Futures Interest Rate Swap functionality is an expansion of the firm's proprietary and mixture of technologically enhanced platform, which has been installed and effectively used in a wide-array of products across commodities, foreign exchange, equities, credits and interest rates.
A company that signs a contract to exchange the items that make up an interest rate swap is exposed to risk that must be recognized on the financial statements," said Hague.
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