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Since more and more VoIP providers have NexTone systems in their infrastructure, the MSC will enable us to capture their business and ultimately become the market leader in Taiwan for VoIP interexchange services.
NexTone's session controller technology is perfect for operators such as sparq that are just entering the VoIP interexchange market," said Dan Dearing, vice president of marketing at NexTone.
a Platinum Equity Company, has implemented a suite of services focused on interexchange carriers.
DCA Carrier Strategies contains three, separate service offerings that can help interexchange carriers add value to their reseller product, protect outstanding reseller revenue, and retain resellers on their network.
These three service offerings, Free Billing, Carrier Guarantee, and Reseller Rescue, encompass different steps in the interexchange carrier/reseller relationship.
As wireless, cable and interexchange carriers vie for the same local customers, incumbent service providers must maintain high customer satisfaction metrics to protect their core base.
A major USA interexchange carrier has successfully deployed NSGDatacom's (NSG) Series 2200 Network Exchange Voice over IP (VoIP) Switches in its call home program for USA military personnel stationed in the Middle East.
Rich Yalen, CEO of NSG said, "We are pleased to provide the products and support for this major interexchange carrier in support of our military personnel in the Middle East.
the company's solutions are being used by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) and Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) to improve network efficiency and service quality.