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for less than the traditional 1 year period, is an exciting opportunity for parents who only need child-care during the summer months," noted Krista Rowe, InterExchange Au Pair USA Program Manager.
The DMS-250, configurable from 480 to 100,000 ports, can be partitioned for multi-customer, multi-function applications and IN triggers to enable N00, Private Virtual Networks (VPN), Dialable Wideband Services, as well as a variety of custom features for interexchange carriers (IXCs), such as speed-dialing, conference calling, prepaid calling cards and carrier operator access.
CompTel believes that the Justice Department has crafted an appropriate framework for a trial waiver of the interexchange restriction.
CompTel concludes, "The interexchange restriction is too important to be waived based upon the RBOCs' self-serving prediction that local access competition will develop sometime in the future, or the Federal Communications Commission's new regulatory tools will succeed where previous ones failed in overcoming persistent and well-funded obstruction by the RBOCs.
Since more and more VoIP providers have NexTone systems in their infrastructure, the MSC will enable us to capture their business and ultimately become the market leader in Taiwan for VoIP interexchange services.
This action will allow BellSouth to remain competitive in terms of pricing, while at the same time provide the Interexchange Carriers with immediate cost reductions," Cathey said.
Commenting on the cable TV section of the bill, Lewin said the Bell companies and their affiliates should also be restricted from providing any type of interexchange service not specified by the legislation and should be prohibited for 10 years from seeking FCC approval for providing interexchange communications services.
PTG announced that it expects the PacTel Spin will remove many legal and regulatory barriers that have historically constrained PacTel and its affiliates, such as the prohibition against providing interexchange long distance service.
Boston Technology is the leading supplier of network-based voice processing systems to Regional Bell Operating Companies, interexchange carriers, international public telephone and telegraph entities (PTTs), interexchange and wireless providers, and selected corporate, education and medical network users around the world.
DCA Carrier Strategies contains three, separate service offerings that can help interexchange carriers add value to their reseller product, protect outstanding reseller revenue, and retain resellers on their network.
Stratus' continuously available systems are installed in all seven RBOCs, PTTs in Europe and Asia, interexchange carriers, as well as independent telephone companies.
As wireless, cable and interexchange carriers vie for the same local customers, incumbent service providers must maintain high customer satisfaction metrics to protect their core base.