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ITLInexpedient to Legislate (New Hampshire legislature)
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ITLIntraSearch Template Language (proprietary markup language; whatUseek, Corp)
ITLIntegrated Testing Lab
ITLIndustries Test Lab (Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA)
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An interleaver size of 6144 bits has been used in all the simulations.
For this reason b nnnnnnnnnnnnn believe that the IDMA technique with NLM interleaver and user grouping is a promising candidate as multiple access technique for 5G networks.
The purpose of the symbol interleaver is to map v bit words onto the useful 1512 (2K mode) or 6048 (8K mode) active carriers per Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) symbol.
Mondin, "Design of Inter-leaver for Turbo Codes: Iterative Interleaver Growth Algorithms of Polynomial Complexity," IEEE Trans.
The cdma2000 interleaver is based on the principle of generating the interleaving positions through a counter that generates addresses which are modified through a preset table and a function that reverses the order of the bits.
The possible solutions includes narrow band coded-modulation scheme using trellis code structures, and to employ chip-level interleavers [1].
Two component decoders are linked by interleavers in a structure similar to that of the encoder.
After storing the outputs from the channel despreader for the frame duration, the deinterleaver rearranges the order in the opposite way to the interleaver.
An interleaver takes a specified sequence of data and exchanges their positions, arranging them in a different time order.
0 in the new Physical Layer Standard include the scrambler, forward error correction, bit interleaver, mapper, time interleaver, OFDM framer, frequency interleaver, pilots, reserved tones, and guard interval functions.
m,m]is uncorrelated with other symbols, which is justified by using a large interleaver size, we obtain
We apply extrinsic information obtained from network decoder to soft-input soft-output (SISO) decoder for RS code [16, 17] through an interleaver.