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ITLItalian Lira (old currency code; replaced by EUR)
ITLInformation Technology Laboratory
ITLIn the Life
ITLInternational Trade Logistics
ITLInexpedient to Legislate (New Hampshire legislature)
ITLInternational Trade Law
ITLIstituto Sui Trasporti e la Logistica (Italian)
ITLInformation Technology Literacy
ITLInstructor-Led Training
ITLInfosys Technologies Limited (India)
ITLInstrument Transformers Ltd. (Scotland, UK)
ITLInto the Lifestyle
ITLIndependent Testing Labs, Inc (Boulder, Colorado)
ITLIntent To Launch
ITLIntegrated Transfer Launch (Cape Canaveral)
ITLIntegration Test and Launch
ITLIntegrated Test Lines
ITLInterdivisional Technical Liaison (IBM conference)
ITLInternational Telecommunications Limited
ITLIstituto per la Tecnolgia del Legno (Wood Technology Institute)
ITLInstall Time Licensing
ITLIntraSearch Template Language (proprietary markup language; whatUseek, Corp)
ITLIntegrated Testing Lab
ITLIndustries Test Lab (Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA)
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The convolutional interleaver is of size I = 5, M = 11.
We have continued to invest and innovate in this technology, and the 25 GHz interleaver is the latest of several recent advancements including asymmetric and bidirectional interleaving," said Dr.
Two component decoders are linked by interleavers in a structure similar to that of the encoder.
leung and Li Ping " Iterative detection of interleaver based space time codes" IEICE TRANS.
Following the block interleaver, symbols may be repeated for further rate adjustment.
1x2 WDM coupler device can also be replaced with a interleaver device (Figure 3 (a).
ITF Optical Technologies has developed its MZI-100 Mach-Zehnder InterLeaver to interleave two sets of up to 20 wavelengths with spacings as narrow as 200 GHz to achieve up to 100-Ghz channel separation.
Patents pending on all Bac-Stop products, including cut interleaver sheets, film, tapes, fabrics from tapes, coated fabric from tapes, and containers made from fabrics.
Product interleaver type MR, to be adapted on the SIEREM stacker, allowing to turn one product out of two by 180[degrees], in order to get an alternate position of the products into the bag.
Blocks for designing and simulating the physical layer of communications systems, including source coding, block and convolutional coding, interleavers, filters, and modulators
Hitachi Cable, as an original leading manufacturer of Array Waveguide Gratings filters, Interleavers and Splitters based on Planar Lightwave Circuit technology, has supported the key function of DWDM systems since its beginnings.
Division Products Leadership Transmission 10G and 40G Optical Adrian Meldrum Components, Transponders, - EVP and Tunable Transceivers Regeneration Amplification (Components, Richard Smart and Optical Gain Blocks, Controlled - EVP Routing Amplifier Modules, Subsystems); Dispersion (Fixed DC and Tunable DC); Wavelength Routing (WSS, Passives, Interleavers, and Subsystems) Advanced High Power Lasers and Yves LeMaitre Photonics VCSELs; Photonics Tools - EVP Solutions and Filters