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As a major fashion sourcing hub in Asia, Hong Kong is a hotspot for many international trading houses and premier retailers.
Around the mid-nineteenth century Switzerland was one of the major exporters of European textiles to Asia; thus in Singapore a distribution system was created and run by young Swiss agents and supported by Swiss employees of international trading houses there.
International trading houses Petraco and Arcadia were due to deliver crude after winning a tender, but the state importer, Egyptian General Petroleum Corp (EGPC) has cancelled both deliveries, several traders said.
About 100 delegates participated from India and other countries in this industrial meet and had delebrations and discussions on various ongoing challeges, issues and opportunities on steel market as under the current changing scenario, the whole supply chain, starting from steel mills, international trading houses, agents, importers and logistics players are looking to find direction as well as new partners to enhance the prospect of the global trade, even as the international steel trade is driven by relations.
Some international trading houses also supply the product to Iran, so it's not like just one source," he said.
He works with both Belgium and international trading houses.
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