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uk OUR SAY: PAGE 18 POTATO TIMELINE 1536 - The potato arrived in Europe 1609 - European sailors take the potato to China 1719 - Potatoes arrive in USA 1801 - First French Fries served in America 1845 - The Irish potato famine 1853 - Potato crisp invented in New York 1952 - 'Mr Potato Head' toy invented 1995 - The potato is grown in space 2008 - United Nations International Year of the Potato Ireland decimated by horrific famine BEGINNING in 1845 and lasting for six years, the potato famine killed more than a million men, women and children in Ireland and caused another million to flee the country.
International Year of the Potato was made possible by $800 000 in donations.
This is the International Year of the Potato, sponsored by the United Nations to promote the benefits of the tuber.
The United Nations named 2008 the International Year of the Potato to highlight its potential as an antidote to hunger.
The school's behaviour improvement worker Bev Taylor organised the Great Potato Competition for all 14 classes at the school as this year is the International Year of the Potato.
The risk of food shortages has - in what is fortuitously the International Year of the Potato - turned the spotlight on the humble spud and its importance in the global food chain.
As part of the Potato Day experience, the BPC's consultant home economist, Jennifer John, explained to the pupils why the United Nations has chosen to make 2008 the International Year of the Potato.
This year has been decreed the International Year of the Potato and the Idaho Potato Commission has taken that to heart.
The goal of the program is to celebrate the United Nation's declaration of 2008 as the International Year of the Potato, by raising awareness and $50,000 for UNICEF, an organization that provides lifesaving nutrition, clean water and education to children in more than 150 countries around the world.
Our Potato Day is the UK's most established potato event and with 2008 being the international year of the potato as well as Garden Organic's 50th anniversary we are promising our biggest weekend yet.
2008 is the International Year Of The Potato, the Australian Year Of The Scout and the International Year Of Sanitation.
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