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IASPInternational Association for the Study of Pain
IASPImage Analysis and Signal Processing
IASPInternational Association of Science Parks
IASPInternational Association for Suicide Prevention
IASPIndependent Auxiliary Storage Pool
IASPInternet Application Server Portal
IASPInformation Assurance Scholarship Program
IASPInternet Access Service Provider
IASPIndiana Association of School Principals
IASPIndependent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IBM AS/400 Systems)
IASPInternational Association of Scholarly Publishers
IASPIndiana Association of School Psychologists
IASPInternational Association of Safety Professionals
IASPInternational Affairs Strategic Plan
IASPIntegrated Acquisition Strategy Process
IASPInformation Assurance Strategic Plan
IASPIdaho School Psychologist Association
IASPInstallation Ammunition Supply Point
IASPInternational Association for Scottish Philosophy
IASPInternational Association of Shrine Provosts (Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine)
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NTT East and NTT West said they will slash their monthly charges for their ADSL services by 700 yen to 3,100 yen, excluding charges for Internet access service providers.
The group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the No 1 Television Station in Hong Kong for News, Movies and Sports and an Internet access service provider.
Net, he was responsible for the installation and operation of the first commercial fixed wireless Internet access service provider in Las Vegas, NV, one of the first of its kind in the country.
1 Television Station in Hong Kong for News, Movies and Sports through Cable TV, and is also an Internet access service provider.
The memorandum proposes an acquisition, which will combine the talents and resources of both companies in order to become a leading ISP, broadband Internet access service provider, content provider and e-commerce site for ASEAN, Asia and in particular Indonesia.
The group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the number one television station in Hong Kong for news, movies and sports and an Internet access service provider.
The Internet access market was first liberalized in 1995 with the award of Internet Access Service Provider (IASP) licenses to Pacific Internet and Cyberway to compete with SingNet.
The Commission will also consider an Order granting a five-year waiver to broadband Internet access service providers with 250,000 or fewer broadband connections from the enhanced reporting requirements adopted in the FCC's 2015 Title II Order.
On September 20, 2016, the Internet Commerce Coalition (ICC), whose members include internet service providers, technology companies, and technology trade associations, filed an Ex Parte letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), urging the agency to distinguish between sensitive and non-sensitive customer information in establishing privacy rules that would apply to broadband internet access service providers.
The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) Bureau of Consumer Protection has filed a comment with the Federal Communications Commission on the FCC's proposed privacy rule for broadband internet access service providers.
Fees charged by Internet access service providers are as much as three to four times higher than countries such as the United States, Britain and Japan, a government think-tank claimed last year.
which wanted the cable operator to open its networks to competing Internet access service providers much the same way telephone companies must allow competitors to use their physical plants.
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