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IFCPInternet Fibre Channel Protocol
IFCPInternet Fibre Channel Protocol (storage area networking)
IFCPInstitute for Cancer Prevention
IFCPInternational Forum for Cotton Promotion (est. 2000; Washington, DC)
IFCPIsland Food Community of Pohnpei (est. 2004; Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia)
IFCPIloilo Flood Control Project (Department of Public Works and Highways; Iloilo City, Philippines)
IFCPIndependent Filmmakers Cooperative of the Philippines
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Emerging IP standard such as Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iFCP) and Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), address Fibre Channel SAN-to-Fibre Channel SAN interconnections over an IP network, but don't efficiently address the multitude of other servers isolated from the SAN.
One subgroup is developing a point-to-multipoint connectivity standard called Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), the other, a routable method of encapsulating Fibre Channel frames called Internet Fibre Channel protocol (iFCP).
By contrast, a computer would access a SAN storage device using a SCSI block protocol such as Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) or Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iSCSI).
The other key submissions include the Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iFCP) and Metro Fibre Channel Protocol (mFCP), two complementary protocols for IP-based storage networking.
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