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IPVIn Plaats Van (Dutch: instead of)
IPVIntimate Partner Violence
IPVInactivated Polio Vaccine
IPVInterpersonal Violence
IPVIndependent Price Verification
IPVInternet Protocol Version
IPVIntrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation
IPVIntentional Program Violation
IPVInternationalen Psychoanalytischen Vereinigung (German: International Psychoanalytic Association)
IPVIn Public View (band)
IPVInfectious Pustular Vulvovaginitis
IPVIndustrial Prime Vendor
IPVInstrument Performance Validation
IPVInland Presse Vertrieb (German: Domestic Press Distribution)
IPVIn Person Visit
IPVIntellectual Property Valuation
IPVIllinois Performance Volleyball
IPVInternet Protocol Video
IPVIndividual Pressure Vessel
IPVInstantaneous Peak Velocity
IPVImpact Protection Vehicle
IPVInstrumented Pressure Vessel
IPVInner Product of Vectors (multi-criteria decision analysis)
IPVInternal Payment Voucher (accounting)
IPVInstrumentation Pressure Vessel
IPVIndustrial Powered Vehicle
IPVImperial Patrol Vessel (Star Wars)
IPVImprimerie de Port Vila
IPVInvoice Price Varience (accounting)
IPVIn Plant Vacation
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This analysis used the data from the 2,830 ever-married or cohabiting women who reported information about intimate partner violence, responded to questions about traits of their spouses, answered questions about all the factors used in this analysis, and provided blood samples to the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) researchers so that their blood could be tested for HIV.
We conducted a survey of published studies on the prevalence of intimate partner violence in the elderly and factors associated with the phenomenon.
Intimate partner violence outcomes in women with PTSD and substance use: A secondary analysis of NIDA Clinical Trials Network <<Women and Trauma>> Multi-site study.
Intimate partner violence and HIV infection among women: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
The Comparison between Depressive Patients who Sustained Physical Intimate Partner Violence and Patients who did not
Intimate partner violence is veiled in shame and secrecy.
Health care professionals often miss signs of elder abuse and intimate partner violence due to lack of knowledge and training (DeBoer, Kothari, Kothari, Koestner, & Rhose, 2013; DHHS; Starr, 2010).
Changing help-seeking rates for intimate partner violence in Canada.
Feminist theory within intimate partner violence stresses power and gender inequality within opposite-sex relationships.
Recent research suggests that men's attitudes and more broadly, masculinity, perpetuate son preference and to some extent, intimate partner violence in India.