IOCPInterfaith Outreach & Community Partners (Wayzata, MN)
IOCPInput/Output Configuration Program
IOCPInstitute of Commissioning Professionals (UK)
IOCPInput-Output Control Program (computing)
IOCPInput/Output Completion Port
IOCPInitial Occlusal Contact Pattern (dentistry)
IOCPIntensive Outpatient Care Program (Boeing)
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The commonalities and shared goals of the IOCP and CustomCare program will ensure seamlessness for customers and complementary efficiency and effectiveness.
PBGH plans to select 20 organizations as part of the IOCP program and CMG is one of the 10 organizations selected for the first round of implementation, planned to go live in June 2013.
CMG is an ideal candidate for the IOCP effort and was chosen in part because of the many CMG programs that have earned positive results for commercial and individual customers and which share the IOCP goals of improved patient outcomes, better patient satisfaction and lower health care costs (triple aim).
The program supports a Registered Nurse Care Manager employed by clinics to care exclusively for IOCP enrollees, offering 24/7 access to email, telephone and in-person visits.
As a result of Regence's success improving patient outcomes and reducing need for acute care, several Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and other organizations outside of Regence are integrating the IOCP model.
The IOCP unit features several new enhancements from its 1998 design, which was initially developed by parvus as part of the Navy's $12.
The IOCP unit is a full-function PC with an x86 processor, Windows operating system and standard aviation mounting configuration.