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IOCTLInput/Output Control
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The ASI Bus Driver has a well-defined IOCTL based API which the ASI defined fabric management services use to access the device drivers and the ASI hardware components.
Key features include Bootloader (CF-ATA, Ethernet, PCMCIA-ATA, and serial support), OAL Components (kernel startup, debug, interrupt, and IOCTL support), and documentation for all custom APIs.
Features include: -- Protocol Layers in Generic Form -- RFCOMM -- L2CAP -- SDP -- HCI -- Security and Configuration Management -- Ready Profiles OBEX and AT-Commands -- Device Drivers -- Windows 98, Windows 2000 , Windows CE -- OS Independent Code -- RTOS Portability Palm OS, VxWorks -- Compact Code -- Flexible APIs Socket API, IOCTL and Salutation API -- Built-in Protocol Analyzer