IOLTAInterest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts
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Berg assisted nationwide in establishing IOTA programs, known in other states as IOLTA programs, and defending the constitutionality of the funding mechanism as executive director and founder of the National IOLTA Clearinghouse and later as legal counsel for the National Association of IOLTA Programs.
from government IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Fund Accounts), and
The First Twenty-Five Yeats of War on IOLTA, 49 ST.
all IOLTA funds in a given year, (3) they stringently limit the
because IOLTA revenues are affected by the federal funds rate, they have
As I looked through them, I noted an item for more than $1 million, signed by the CEO and wired to an IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer's Trust Account).
It was made possible with funding from the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey and the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.
263) IOLTA funds come from the interest earned on monies lawyers hold for clients in certain trust accounts.
It was made possible by a grant from the IOLTA Fund of New Jersey.
880 The interest that the IOLTA account generated was then paid to the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation, which financed legal services for low-income persons.
Washington IOLTA regulation, because the regulation only permitted