IOLTAInterest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts
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from government IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Fund Accounts), and
Please see the attached IOLTA report for 7448-1996.
The First Twenty-Five Yeats of War on IOLTA, 49 ST.
because IOLTA revenues are affected by the federal funds rate, they have
It was made possible by a grant from the IOLTA Fund of New Jersey.
880 The interest that the IOLTA account generated was then paid to the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation, which financed legal services for low-income persons.
Washington IOLTA regulation, because the regulation only permitted
W]e hold that the interest income generated by funds held in IOLTA accounts is the "private property" of the owner of the principal.
Its grantees receive an additional $255 million per year (as of 1993) from state and local governments, money from interest on many accounts that lawyers hold in trust for their clients (known as IOLTA funds), and private sources.
All non-interest bearing checking account deposits, including IOLTA accounts
The CommerceWest Bank Specialty Banking Group is a dedicated team of industry experts that work with a variety of industries such as HOA, property management companies, non-profit, title, escrow, real estate settlement, IOLTA, 1031/1033 exchanges, payroll companies, trust accounts, public and private schools, as well as cities and municipalities.
Pennsylvania IOLTA enables lawyers to raise millions of dollars for the provision of legal services to the poor and disadvantaged.