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IOSCOInternational Organization of Securities Commissions
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The problem is that the Philippines can't be an IOSCO member unless changes will be made in the country's Bank Secrecy Law.
Being an IOSCO member, the SECP actively participated in the campaign, providing a wide variety of activities were successfully performed such as launch of its inter-university stock trading competition, dissemination of nine IOSCO smart investor key messages and 13 Jamapunji informative key messages on wise investments through social media platforms, distribution of more than 2000 investor awareness guide booklets throughout the week to 47 public or private universities across the country.
The IOSCO has identified 38 principles of securities regulation which are based on three objectives: one, protecting the investor; two, ensuring that the markets are fair, efficient and transparent; and three, reducing systemic risk.
The key milestones which will contribute towards improved assessment rating in upcoming IOSCO assessment includes.
Created in 20)2, the IOSCO Assessment Committee conducts Country Reviews of IOSCO member jurisdictions to assess their compliance against IOSCO Principles.
The management at S&P DJI said it believes its operations continue to adhere to the principles for financial benchmarks that IOSCO published in July 2013.
The survey also highlighted a notable increase in the role and responsibility of the audit committee related to auditor oversight since 2004 when IOSCO last conducted a stock taking of audit committee requirements.
IOSCO has members from over 100 countries, which regulate more than 95 percent of the world's securities markets.
BHB chief executive Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said the approval of Bahrain Bourse's application for affiliate membership of the IOSCO acknowledges the commission's appreciation and support for its efforts in developing and improving the capital markets sector in a way that will enhance the investment environment.
The conference included the presentation of two working papers and a discussion session that included three IOSCO specialists in the securities markets and other international bodies concerned with the stock market.
QFMA said yesterday it had gained the membership after approval by the IOSCO board of directors on the recommendation submitted from the committee which vets applications.
Summary: DUBAI - The Dubai Financial Services Authority recently hosted a meeting of the region's securities regulators, the Africa and Middle East Regional Committee, or Amerc of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions, or Iosco.