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IPESImproved Proposed Encryption Standard (cryptography)
IPESInverse Photoemission Spectroscopy
IPESInternational Police Executive Symposium
IPESInternational Payments for Ecosystem Services (UN Environment Program)
IPESInformation Processing Equipment and Software
IPESInstituto Peruano de Economía Social (Spanish: Peruvian Institute of Social Economy)
IPESImus Pilot Elementary School
IPESInternational Personnel Exchange System
IPESIntegrated Platform Electronics and Sensors
IPESInstitut de Préparation aux Enseignements du Second Degré (French: Secondary Education Preparation Institute)
IPESInternational Production Enterprise System
IPESInternet Protocol Edge Services
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The more innovative institutions did not require IPEs to commercial their most valuable, and by extension prominent, intellectual property assets
An IPE must also separately present the amount of realized and unrealized gains or losses on assets and liabilities measured at fair value with all changes in fair value recognized in net income.
All health staff colonized by MRSA were nurse technicians and the characteristics presented by them contribute to the installation of microorganisms; they worked in more than one hospital, spent more time in contact with patients potentially infected or colonized, as well as, used IPEs sporadically.
Likewise, virtually all IPE scholars approach their research questions with the help of specific methodological understandings.
The IPE is the vehicle by which individuals participate in the VR program and, ultimately, achieve high-quality employment and independence.
Geraldine Kennel, an Ipes board member, implied that Merry would be at the helm of many developments for the company.
Robert Raynard, Managing Partner of Standish said, We re delighted to forge a transatlantic partnership with Ipes.
As pesquisas sobre armazenamento de sementes de ipe de varias especies como Tabebuia roseo-alba (Ridl.
The easy installation and disassemble system makes Ipe ideal for temporary installations such as seasonal use of public areas by hotels and restaurants.
This report reviews performance requirements, design challenges, and committee recommendations for an alternate testing approach that uses a sensor-integrated body suit under a soldier's IPE.
In a Memorandum of Understanding signed earlier this year, IPE and OGC agreed to collaborate on the development and delivery of GIS related educational materials and classes focused on the advancement of interoperability in the geospatial community.