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IPngInternet Protocol Next Generation
IPNGIndex of Professional Nursing Governance (Hess model)
IPNGIndian Pediatric Nephrology Group
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This worldwide network, which is actually composed of several smaller, regional 6bone networks, is run by the IETF IPng Transition Working Group.
The IETF started the IPng area in 1993 to investigate the different proposals and to make recommendations for further procedures.
Migration to the new protocol is expected to take place over the next three to seven years, although the precise nature of the migration is debated among factions who argue for rapid introduction of IPng and those who favor a gradual phase-in.
IPng is a new version of IP which is designed to be an evolutionary step from IPv4.
In addition, Akamai has formed partnerships with 27 leading European network providers, including: AboveNet UK, AUCS Communications Services, B2, Belgacom Skynet, BT plc, Cignal, CPRMarconi, EastNet France, eircomm, GTE, Hellas OnLine, Helsinki Telephone Corporation, IPNG, Knoware, Madasafish, Netone, PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, QS Communications AG, Soros Foundation Hungary - C3, Switch, Telecom Italia, Teleglobe, Telenor, Telenordia, Telia, Unisource, and UUNET, an MCI WorldCom Company.
For IP networks, Bay Networks is committed to IPng, IP multicast, and IP resource reservation.
SunSoft and Netscape will also work together to develop future technologies and promote open standards, which include IPng (Internet Protocol next generation), SKIP (simple key Internet protocol), SSL (secure sockets layer), and SHTTP (secure hypertext transport protocol).