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IPInternet Protocol
IPIntellectual Property
IPInstructor Pilot
IPInjured Person
IPInternet Provider
IPInternational Paper
IPIn Particular
IPInformation Protection
IPInformation Processing
IPIndustrial Property
IPInternational Protection (CENELEC)
IPInfrastructure Protection
IPImage Processing
IPIn Progress
IPIn Person
IPInterested Party
IPInstallation Procedure
IPImproved Performance (M1IP upgraded M1 main battle tank)
IPInformation Policy
IPIn Position
IPInnings Pitched (baseball)
IPIndustrial Park
IPIndustrial Policy
IPImplementation Plan
IPIndustrial Production
IPIn Perspective (Stuyvesant High School student magazine, New York City)
IPiPod (Apple)
IPIncome Protection (disability insurance)
IPIndustrial Protocol
IPInstitute of Physics
IPInformation Paper
IPInstrument Panel
IPIpswich (postcode, United Kingdom)
IPInteger Programming
IPIngress Protection (IEC Standards)
IPInformation Provider
IPIndustry Practice
IPInnocence Project
IPInternal Protocol
IPInvestment Program
IPInstruction Pointer
IPInformation Professional
IPInternational Partner
IPInpatient (healthcare and healthcare billing)
IPInduced Polarization
IPInfection Prevention
IPIndependence Party
IPInitial Production
IPInterface Program
IPInvestment Portfolio
IPImplementation Procedure
IPIntraperitoneal (area within peritoneal cavity containing abdominal organs)
IPInternational President
IPInvestment Promotion
IPIndividual Provider
IPIraqi Police
IPIdentity-Preserved (grains)
IPIndiana Pacers
IPinitial position (US DoD)
IPIssue Paper
IPInstitute of Petroleum
IPIndustry Promotion
IPInitial Point
IPIberian Peninsula
IPIntegrated Process
IPIntegration Plan
IPInterrupt Process (TELNET Protocol)
IPIntegrated Program(s)
IPImprovement Plans (land development)
IPInspection Procedures
IPInstallation Plan
IPInformation Publication
IPIntersection Point
IPIntegrated Programme (Singapore education program)
IPIntelligent Peripheral
IPIntermediate Point
IPIntercessory Prayer
IPIntermediate Pressure
IPInterstitial Pneumonia
IPIonization Potential
IPIncontinentia Pigmenti
IPIndividual Protection
IPIncentive Pay
IPIschemic Preconditioning
IPImplementing Partner
IPIndex Pointer
IPIntegrated Packaging
IPIndustry Pack
IPInstitutional Plan
IPIntensive Production
IPInspection Plan
IPInjector Pump (diesel fuel systems)
IPInternetworking Protocol (DEC)
IPIndicator Panel
IPIntestinal Permeability
IPIdler Pulley
IPIntelligence Processing
IPIndividual Psychology (Alfred Adler)
IPIncineration Plant (waste management facility)
IPIndividual Permit
IPIntoxicated Person (law enforcement)
IPIce Pellets
IPIron Project
IPInternal Pilot (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
IPInsured Property
IPIllinois Power Company
IPIssue Point (various uses)
IPIsotope Production
IPImagery Processing
IPInfection Preventionist
IPIndian Pharmacopoeia
IPIntelligence Problem
IPImplementation of Plan
IPInward Processing
IPInterpositive (photography)
IPInterim Procedure
IPInternal Publication
IPIntermodulation Product
IPInstruction Pamphlet
IPInternational Pharmacopoeia
IPInformational Program
IPInternational Provisioning (Sprint)
IPIsolated Personnel (Joint)
IPInstrument Procedure (aviation)
IPItinerário Principal
IPIntelligent Pig (pipeline industry)
IPInteractive Processor
IPInterrupt Priority Register (Intel 8051 Microcontroller register)
IPIndian Posse (prison gang)
IPInitial Pressing
IPIndexed Price
IPIsolated Platform
IPIndigenous Personnel
IPIntelligence Plot
IPInter Positive (cinema materials products)
IPIrresistible Poison (fanfiction)
IPIntermediate Processor
IPInformation Plaque
IPInstruction Plate
IPIdentification of Position
IPInhalable Particle
IPInfantry Portal (Natural Selection computer game)
IPImmersible Pump
IPIrish Pennant (Navy slang for loose strings on a uniform)
IPIniciació a la Programació (Polythecnic University of Catalonia course)
IPIntelligence Peripheral
IPImmediate Past Office (except National Commodore)
IPISDN Access Port (ITU-T)
IPImagery Analysis Paper (NIMA)
IPInspector of Penitentiary
IPInstituti I Pyjeve (Albanian: Forest and Pasturage Institute)
IPInsolvency Petition
References in classic literature ?
Dunster continued, turning to his companion, " to leave me at Ipswich and join the mail.
They passed the boat train in Ipswich Station, where they stayed for a few moments.
I shall work down to Ipswich the day arter to-morrow, Sir,' said Mr.
Pickwick; 'very true; I can write to Bury, and tell them to meet me at Ipswich.
If anything particular occurs, you can write to me at the post-office, Ipswich.
Dimi Konstantopoulos returned between the posts, while George Friend, Albert Adomah and David Nugent - a long-term nemesis for Ipswich - all started.
As it is, the Ipswich manager is now confronted with perhaps the biggest East Anglian derby for the right to play in the final.
ONES TO WATCH Ipswich Town - Daryl Murphy: Irish striker Murphy is top scorer for the Tractor Boys on 23 - and strike partner Freddie Sears has fired 21 in total for Colchester (14) and Ipswich (7).
The fee was undisclosed but Ipswich had been PS3reported to be seeking upwards of PS3.
Having won on the Witches' track last week, Newcastle had to fight every inch of the way to preserve their unbeaten home record as Ipswich never let the Diamonds take control.
An independent panel has adjudicated that Ipswich must pay Rovers a transfer fee for the 21 year old full-back of pounds 240,000 rising to pounds 520,000 based on appearances and promotion.
Alex Nunn set off on an unusual journey to visit seven places around the world with the name Ipswich, which took him from Britain to Canada, America, Australia and even Jamaica.