IRFAInitial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
IRFAIowa Renewable Fuels Association
IRFAInternational Religious Freedom Act of 1998
IRFAInstitut de Recherche sur les Fruits et Agrumes (France)
IRFAInternational Railway Fuel Association
IRFAImpact Readiness Force Account (US Army Reserve force readiness)
IRFAIncident Response and Forensic Analysis (information security)
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The IRFA is criticised in the Muslim world, as many of its clauses are believed to be in conflict with Islamic laws and an evaluation of the Act is demanded.
Should DOL refuse to republish the IRFA, we would otherwise request that the Office of Information and Regulatory Analysis (OIRA) within OMB conduct an independent economic impact analysis on the proposed rule's impact on small businesses.
Apply section 604(a) of IRFA to deny visas to or admission into the United State by Burmese government officials responsible for or known to have directly carried out particularly severe violations of religious freedom; and
Biomedical Research in Pre-independent India and Setting up of Research Institutions including IRFA
Now, fast-forward ten years, to 1998, when, as we heard, Congress enacted the IRFA and declared it to be the policy of the United States to "condemn violations of religious freedom, and to promote, .
Impact of increasing laser scanning irradiance on IRFA (visual colored image).
India won a game by one run against the Prime Minister's XI in 2004 with Yuvraj Singh and Irfa Pathan making minimal contributions, so there is next to no ground form for bettors to go by.
The IRFA was meant to deal with religious freedom issues in many countries, vet its backers singled out Egypt as a prominent third world trading partner, strategic ally, and (perhaps most importantly) aid recipient.
1) Among its provisions, IRFA created the position of U.
According to IRFA, the facility will be capable of processing 39 million bushels of corn into 110 million gallons of ethanol and 353,000 tons of distillers grains annually.
37) The IRFA must describe the anticipated economic impacts of the proposed rule on small entities, and evaluate whether alternative actions that would minimize the rule's impact on small entities would achieve the regulatory purpose.
The 30-year-old failed asylum seeker and her two young boys, Rajael and Irfa, are currently living in a women's refuge in the Malaysian city Selangor.