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IRWDIrvine Ranch Water District (California)
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The Irvine Ranch Water District serves Central Orange County under the provisions of the State of California Water Code.
Even in Southern California's Irvine Ranch Water District, which sells water to its most frugal customers at below cost but slaps an additional 840 percent charge on the biggest users, 200 gallons at the top rate still cost less than a Frappuccino.
The award recipients include the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, the Irvine Ranch Water District in California, the Alvin Independent School District in Texas and King Soopers grocery stores in Colorado.
A 2001 study by the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County and the Irvine Ranch Water District that was partially funded by the Environmental Protection Agency measured the impact of ET controllers on reducing urban run-off in 125 residential and 13 commercial landscape sites and found run-off was reduced by 64-71 percent by using an ET controller while the test landscape areas remained healthy and attractive.
The Irvine Ranch Water District is also experimenting with weather- sensitive sprinkler systems and installed controllers at 40 homes.
The most impressive example of such an approach, Braver says, is the Irvine Ranch Water District in Orange County, which 9 years ago issued every customer an individualized water budget.
At the same time, the Irvine Ranch Water District created a tiered water-rate structure that rewards conservation with low prices and penalizes overuse.
In January, he became an independent consultant when the company merged with the Irvine Ranch Water District.
Other recipients were the Irvine Ranch Water District in the $25,000 or less budget category, and the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District in the more than $100,000 budget category.