IsMEOl'Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente
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Rome: IsMEO, 1971) is based on his dissertation (Mainz 1967) written under Humbach's supervision.
Nepal's Sculptural Art" the East and West (quarterly), ISMEO Publication, Year V No.
From 1956, in spite of the publication of books and articles devoted to Tibet, Tucci was brave enough to move to a new field of research, promoting the archaeological activity of IsMEO in the border areas between the Iranian and the Indian world--Pakistan and Afghanistan--, an activity that he directed also in the field until his remarkable constitution allowed him to do so.
Having translated Abhinavagupta's Tantrasara in 1960 (now reprinted and corrected--Turin: Boringhieri, 1990), and his important and difficult Paratrimsakavivarana (Rome: IsMEO, 1985), as well as the shorter Paratrisikalaghuvrtti (Boringhieri, 1970), not to mention having produced several papers on related subjects, Raniero Gnoli has done more than anyone else to make the work of Abhinavagupta, one of India's foremost philosophical and religious figures, better known and understood.
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