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ISDESIndividual School Drug Education Strategy (Victoria, Australia)
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The ISDES program is now in all Primary and Secondary schools in Victoria (Victorian Department of Education, 2006).
The Victorian Government has continued to support the ISDES program and since November 2005 all Government schools and 80 per cent of independent and catholic schools in Victoria have introduced the ISDES program into their curriculum.
The role of the Regional Facilitators involved in the implementation of ISDES was to ensure that teachers in government schools complied with the new 'drug education policies' and that the programs were introduced into every school's curriculum.
An ISDE includes a variety of tools for analyzing and transforming programs.
Tools in the ISDE, including the incremental parser, use permanent sentinel nodes to locate starting points in the mutable tree structure.
Note that other formulations of optimality, such as minimal edit distance, are not useful in the context of an ISDE, given the objective of preserving conceptual names for program entities.